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Second election not the answer to BC’s political mess

Jun 21 2017 — — It has been six weeks since British Columbians went to the polls. The absentee ballots have been counted, the recounts are over, and the newly elected members have been sworn in. Remarkably, it still feels more like intermission than curtains down. The BC Liberals — still technically the government — lost their majority but maintained […]

The UK’s murky political future

Jun 20 2017 — — It’s been a little under two weeks since the UK election, when support for Theresa May’s government plunged. She was left with not a super-majority as she hoped, but a minority situation. Much of the UK’s political future is murky.

Justin Trudeau and “reconciliatory federalism”

Jun 19 2017 — — In the coming weeks the Canadian calendar is filled with days of celebration. On June 21, Canadians are invited to honour the contributions to Canada of First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples on National Aboriginal Day. June 24 is Saint-Jean Baptiste Day, a national holiday for Quebecers and French-Canadians across the country. These festivities will […]

Canada Still Has No Real Defence Policy

Jun 16 2017 — — On 7 June 2017, Minister of National Defence (MND) Harjit Sajjan released the Defence Policy Review statement, titled Strong, Secure, Engaged: Canada’s Defence Policy. Like previous editions, this statement promises more troops, more equipment and stable funding for at least the next decade. And like defence policies in the past, it faces skepticism about whether […]

The next chapter in pension reform

Jun 14 2017 — — The announcement a year ago by Canada’s finance ministers that they had finally reached an agreement on a plan to enhance CPP benefits for future generation of retirees brought to a close a rather tumultuous, lengthy chapter in the history of pension reform in Canada. The then-new Liberal government had agreed to resume talks with […]

Policy thinking beyond Canada’s 150th

Jun 12 2017 — — Canada’s 150th anniversary is a time to celebrate and appreciate what we have as a country and society and to reflect on what we have learned. It is also a time to look forward — to boldly take stock of the challenges facing us today and envision Canada as the even greater society that it […]


Jun 9 2017 — — Today’s world is sometimes described as “post-truth, post-West, post-order.” This week Canada received three maps for navigating it: first the House of Commons foreign policy speech by Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland, then the Defence Policy Review, and finally the International Development Review. Of the three, the second has gained the most headlines, the […]

Reconciliation: Beyond incremental change

Jun 8 2017 — — In 2008, Prime Minister Stephen Harper delivered a statement of apology on behalf of the Canadian government to former students of the Indian residential school system. In it, he acknowledged the primary objectives of the system (“to remove and isolate children from the influence of their homes, families, traditions and cultures, and to assimilate them […]

Strategies for a new world of work

Jun 7 2017 — — The world of work has changed. A wave of technology, globalization and new ways of working has created employment challenges that threaten the future prosperity of our young people. Although they are accumulating skills and working hard to find employment, many young workers are struggling.

The West is dead. Long live the West

Jun 5 2017 — — There is much gloom and even a hint of doom in the world today in the wake of last month’s disastrous G7 summit in Italy. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s comments to supporters on her return to Germany made explicit what had been implicitly clear to all, through media reporting and painfully conspicuous body language: we have […]

The Brass Tax

Jun 5 2017 — — Every June, the Fraser Institute proclaims a “Tax Freedom Day” to make the misleading claim that Canadians face an ever growing tax burden. The Brass Tax investigates this claim, and finds that the average tax rate is only about half what the Fraser Institute claims. The report demonstrates that far from overtaxing, Canada’s ratio of […]

The urban/rural divide and a more inclusive Canada

Jun 5 2017 — — Donald Trump’s unexpected election victory and first months in office have understandably caused Canadians to revisit some basic questions about our own democracy. It is a worthwhile exercise but it should not be an ideological or partisan undertaking. The principal questions are not about how or whether someone with President Trump’s policy or political vision […]

6 ways to boost clean tech in British Columbia

Jun 2 2017 — Josha MacNab — British Columbia is at risk of being left behind as the global economy shifts and the costs of a changing climate begin to mount. Building a strong clean growth economy is imperative to ensure Canada’s westernmost province remains competitive. The Pembina Institute has put forth Vision for Clean Growth in B.C., an action plan that lays […]