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Testing agriculture’s intergov love

Apr 26 2017 — Deb Stark — Since the time of Confederation, agriculture has been a shared federal-provincial jurisdiction. In the world of food production, the two levels of government (together with municipalities in certain areas) have made Canada a global powerhouse with a good reputation for safety and quality, access to natural resources, a strong research and development system, and skills […]


Taking Canada’s agricultural trade to the next level

Apr 24 2017 — — udget 2017 was widely portrayed as a measured, stay-the-course affair. With few large-scale spending commitments compared with the previous year, and with geopolitical uncertainties ahead, the government opted to set the tone for future investments and keep a close hold on the public purse strings for now.

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What Trump’s Showdown with North Korea Means for Canada

Apr 20 2017 — — North Korea surprised observers with its Day of the Sun celebration on Saturday, marking the 105th anniversary of the birth of its founder Kim Il Sun. Many had expected (and feared) a nuclear test, although one may still take place. Satellite photographs shows that an underground nuclear test site is fully prepared. But, for now, […]


In search of a true blue Conservative Party

Apr 20 2017 — — What are the options for conservatives who oppose the leadership candidates of the Conservative Party of Canada? If your party abandons conservative principles and swerves off the right-hand side of the political spectrum, where can you turn? This is a discussion that needs to happen in Canadian conservative politics. Journalist Scott Gilmore, a “self-loathing Tory,” […]


Theresa May’s shrewd election bid

Apr 18 2017 — — After repeatedly ruling out a snap election, this morning British Prime Minister Theresa May announced she will ask Parliament to trigger an election, to be held on June 8. (Under the Fixed Term Elections Act, the House of Commons now holds the prerogative to call elections, requiring a two-thirds majority of MPs to dissolve the […]


Government communications under Trudeau

Apr 18 2017 — — Those who follow Canadian politics are well aware that a stubborn problem with government is the concentration of power in the “centre.” In Ottawa, everything turns on the whim of the prime minister and central agencies, in particular the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and the Privy Council Office (PCO). Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has pledged […]


Populism and the NDP leadership contest

Apr 17 2017 — — As the race to replace Thomas Mulcair as leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP) begins to heat up, it is clear that the international points of reference used to think about the candidates have shifted since the last leadership contest in 2012. One such point of reference is the increased talk of populism. On […]


Trump strikes Syria, nothing changes

Apr 11 2017 — — On the evening of April 6, Trump took a break from hosting Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Mar-a-Lago residence to launch air strikes in Syria, targeting the Shayrat airbase. The strikes were punitive, ordered after US intelligence indicated that Bashar al-Assad had once again gassed his own people, killing more than 80 men, women […]


Preparing adult workers for the artificial intelligence revolution

Apr 7 2017 — — The artificial intelligence (AI) revolution has begun, and it’s going to take all of us — government, businesses and employees — to steer through the resulting workforce disruption. More than just helping our kids avoid jobs that machines will take over in the future — from driving trucks and reading X-rays to picking stocks and […]


The NDP and the future of social democracy in Canada

Apr 6 2017 — — Now that the NDP leadership contest has come alive, with four candidates running (and perhaps more to come), it may be a good time to ask about the future of social democracy in Canada. Former leader Ed Broadbent has recently urged the party to “be bold” as it strives to influence public policy debates in […]


Fortress USA and policy implications for Canada

Apr 4 2017 — — During his first week in office, President Donald Trump issued three executive orders relating to US immigration, refugee, detention, deportation and enforcement policies. Two are currently in force, although their full implementation is dependent on funds being made available by the budget currently before Congress. The third, which was stayed by the courts, was replaced […]


Canadian inspiration for US infrastructure plans

Mar 31 2017 — — Something semi-remarkable quietly occurred this week on Capitol Hill amid relentless Russia developments and rancour about everything from the Republican health-care bill failure to the confirmation prospects of President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.


Budget 2017: Social housing boost means better buildings for all Canadians

Mar 31 2017 — Karen Tam Wu and Ian Cullis — With the new federal budget, Canada’s government is sending a strong signal that it intends to follow through on its commitment to curb carbon pollution from our homes and buildings. Investments in energy efficiency are peppered throughout Budget 2017, supporting the transition to a low-carbon building sector as outlined in the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean […]


The fatal flaw in the nation-to-nation agenda

Mar 29 2017 — Robert Jago — First Nations people, especially those living on reserve, view the federal budget much differently from non-Natives. For us, it’s like a federal budget and the equivalent of a provincial budget put together. This is a consequence of the division of powers that sees the federal government delivering many provincial services on reserves, such as health […]

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North American Defence in the Trudeau-Trump Era – Initial Thoughts

Mar 29 2017 — — Most Canadians have serious misgivings about President Donald Trump and the Trump administration. One should also remember that Liberal prime ministers and Republican presidents tend to have difficulties getting along, as Justin’s father experienced with Nixon and Reagan. Still, the initial meeting of President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau in Washington appears to have been […]