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Peter Mansbridge’s last At Issue

Jun 23 2017 — At Issue — How has covering politics changed? Do women have more political power? For Peter Mansbridge’s final At Issue, the panel looks back at 16 years of debating Canadian politics.

Trudeau announces new name for National Aboriginal Day

Jun 22 2017 — The Canadian Press — The prime minister says the Liberals plan to rename National Aboriginal Day as National Indigenous Peoples Day. While marking the celebration Wednesday, Justin Trudeau also announced a new space for Indigenous Peoples in Ottawa. Video provided by The Canadian Press

Watch Replay: Trade in the Balance: NY Times Live Interview With PM Trudeau

Jun 22 2017 — Staff — Nafta may be renegotiated. The Paris climate accord’s future is in doubt. NATO is under renewed scrutiny. Refugee policy is the subject of fierce debate. Six months into Donald J. Trump’s presidency — and 18 months into Mr. Trudeau’s tenure — every aspect of Canada’s closest and most important alliance is being reconsidered. What are […]

Amnesty calls for Trudeau’s help in Hassan Diab case

Jun 21 2017 — The Canadian Press — Amnesty International says the prime minister should use his ‘camaraderie’ with France’s president to push for the release of an Ottawa professor. Hassan Diab is behind bars in France over his alleged involvement in a 1980 bombing. Video provided by The Canadian Press

How oilsands technology has changed in 50 years

Jun 21 2017 — The Canadian Press — The technology at an Alberta oilsands mine near Fort McMurray has evolved since it opened almost 50 years ago. Gary Bunio of Suncor Energy explains how 850-tonne bucketwheel trucks were once used to extract crude oil. Video provided by The Canadian Press