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(Halifax, NS) Nova Scotia Liberal leader Stephen McNeil today announced a proposed comprehensive review to the curriculum currently being used in the primary and secondary school system in Nova Scotia.

“Today’s classrooms are far more complex than ever before and each class represents a wide diversity of needs,” says McNeil. “Recent assessment scores are proof of some of these ongoing challenges. Many results for our children are either declining, or are not increasing sufficiently from moderate score levels.”

“As a province, we must do a better job of preparing our children for opportunities that exist after graduation. We also must do a better job of aligning the needs of our economy with the skills of our students – one way we can best achieve that goal is by updating the curriculum.”

The Liberal leader is committed to immediately undertaking a review of the province-wide curriculum that will help to ensure the skills of young graduates are aligned with the needs of the economy. The review will involve important stakeholders such as parents, teachers, support staff, members of the business community, and other interested parties.

“I continually hear from businesses around this province that one of their most significant challenges is gaining access to highly skilled and well-rounded workers,” added McNeil. “Literacy, numeracy, and creative thinking are the building blocks of education and skills in the workforce – we must ensure they remain a central focus throughout each stage of our education system.”

“A new path will begin with a new Liberal government, by putting the needs of our children at the forefront and helping them to reach their dreams.”

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