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(Halifax, NS) Liberal Community Services Critic Kelly Regan is demanding the Minister of Community Services retract the political email campaign distributed under her signature as Minister, and apologize to the email recipients, who are dependent on operational funding from the Department of Community Services.

The Minister of Community Services Denis Peterson-Rafuse distributed a highly political and partisan email campaign on Wednesday, October 2nd to organizations that receive funding from her Department. The email is a clear attempt to influence voters by using the authority and position of the Minister’s office.

“This email can be reasonably viewed as intimidation and an attempt to exert influence over voters,” said Regan. “This is a complete breach of trust and an abuse of power related to her duties as Minister of Community Services.”

“The Minister should immediately retract the email campaign and apologize to these organizations and to all Nova Scotians for the blatant abuse of power and for attempting to influence voters through a position of authority. This act is distasteful, and unbecoming of a minister of the executive council for the Province of Nova Scotia.”

Regan is frustrated by the Dexter NDP’s continuous campaign to abuse the power and resources of the provincial government for the interests of their political party. Earlier in the election campaign, Elections Nova Scotia demanded the NDP return funding to the taxpayers of Nova Scotia for inappropriately using government funds for election pamphlets.

“Nova Scotians want a government they can trust, and one that will conduct themselves appropriately by representing and planning for the best interests of individuals and families,” added Regan. “The NDP continually abuse the powers of government and inappropriately use taxpayer resources for partisan and political purposes. This is inexcusable and unacceptable.” –

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