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(Halifax, NS) Nova Scotia Liberal leader Stephen McNeil says that the Liberal plan for improved and enhanced health delivery is focused on strategic investments and refocusing resources to put the needs of patients first.

McNeil says that reducing the number of district health authorities will provide an opportunity to reinvest cost savings back into frontline health care services, and help create a more efficient system that allows for the mobility of patients, if they so choose, and the efficient utilization of health care facilities.

“The Liberal plan is based on the principle that the needs of Nova Scotian families are the top priority,” says McNeil. “Health care professionals are dedicated and passionate about protecting the health and safety of patients, but they need more resources to serve the needs of our local communities.”

Dr. Paul Doucette, an emergency room doctor in Windsor agrees that the health care system needs to refocus attention towards resources that increase access to health care professionals.

“There are many under-serviced areas in our province that require additional health care professionals to address long wait times and closed emergency rooms,” says Doucette. “By investing in new graduate doctors and reducing administrative barriers we will be able to enhance access to health care services and begin to address many of the challenges that plague local communities.”

Mark MacArthur, a nurse in Dartmouth believes that reducing the number of district health authorities and refocusing resources by adding more health care professionals is a necessary component to reducing long waits in our health care system.

“By redirecting cost savings from administration we can improve access in under-serviced areas by retaining and recruiting more nurses for health care facilities,” explained MacArthur. “The Liberal plan will help our professionals address shortages and add more doctors and nurses to our strained health care system.”

Darryl Chickness, a paramedic in Halifax is growing more frustrated by a health care system that is not focused on addressing the fundamental problems that are creating obstacles to patient care in Nova Scotia.

“By breaking down the walls of administration, we will be able to remove the barriers that prevent front line health care professionals from providing quality and timely emergency care,” says Chickness. “Currently, it is difficult to access a complete medical history and current medicinal treatments for each patient because we do not have a centralized reporting system for medical records. Reducing the barriers in our health care system will increase access to information and improve our ability to deliver effective health care.”

The Liberal leader believes the Liberal health care plan will transition Nova Scotia away from being a sick care system, to become a properly funded and structured health care system.

“A new Liberal government will put the needs of health care professionals and patients first.”

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