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(Halifax, NS) Nova Scotia Liberal leader Stephen McNeil today outlined the top priorities focused on improving the education system, reducing long wait times, making Nova Scotia Power accountable, and growing the Nova Scotia economy.

“Nova Scotians want a new approach in our province, they are demanding real change, and they are looking for a government that is honest and upfront,” said McNeil.

McNeil says the Liberal plan is focused and balanced, addressing the key challenges facing our province.

The Liberal leader says a new Liberal government’s focus will be on making breaking the Nova Scotia Power monopoly, ending corporate handouts, increasing access to doctors and nurses, investing in our education system, and developing a comprehensive sexual assault strategy.

“Our top priorities will reflect the needs of Nova Scotia families and businesses,” McNeil adds. “The provincial government must do a better job of increasing access to services, and working to get Nova Scotia back to work.”

“We need to grow our economy through investments in small business, young graduates, and local communities. The Liberal plan is focused on generating opportunities for new graduates and small businesses – meeting the needs of the Nova Scotia economy will be a central focus of a new Liberal government.”

McNeil believes the choice is clear for voters on Election Day, between the NDP and the Liberals.

“It’s a choice between higher power rates, more corporate handouts, more education cuts, and longer wait times under the Dexter NDP – or quality investments in education, increased access to doctors and nurses, and making Nova Scotia Power accountable,” says McNeil.

“The choice is also more fundamental – it is a choice for real change and a government that is honest and upfront about its intentions and promises. A new Liberal government will put the needs and interests of Nova Scotia First.”

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