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As we look back and take pride in our success, we also look forward to the road ahead. With your support – your time, your energy, your donations – we have laid the groundwork for a better future for Nova Scotia. Now we need to ensure that we remain strong and well positioned to build on our momentum. Your continued investment in this process is invaluable. 
Hundreds of Liberals across the province are proud members of the Liberal First Fund – our no-hassle automatic monthly giving program – donating $15 or more to support their local association, the provincial Liberal brand, and the election reserve simultaneously. They are forming the building blocks for our continued success and playing an active role in shaping our future.
If you haven’t already, please contact us by email at or by phone at 429-1993, or visit our website to learn more about this program and sign up for 2014. Your year-end cost, after a 75% tax credit, is just $45 and you will receive automatic party membership renewals. 
Thank you for everything that you do. Together we can shape the road ahead!
With best wishes for the holidays,
Dr. John Gillis
Nova Scotia Liberal Party
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