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TORONTO - Rob Ford's tips to husbands on what to buy their wives for Christmas earned him ridicule and some angry comments Thursday.

Speaking during his weekly appearance on a Washington radio show, Rob Ford said he planned to give his wife "just money."

"Women love money," the mayor said to the hosts of Sports Junkies on 106.7 The Fan. "You give them a couple of thousand bucks and they're happy."

Ford added that while he planned to get his wife "some treats on the side," his big gift to her would be "a nice cheque."

"I get a basket and flowers and a little bit of this and that, but at the end of the day, she wants her cash," he said. "So I give her a nice cheque and we're all happy."

Ford's wife, Renata, who is seldom seen in public, came to her husband's defence last month after he spouted an obscenity on live TV while denying allegations contained in police documents submitted in court.

The mayor's latest comments drew a mix of sarcasm, amusement and irritation from online commenters.

"Rob Ford's understanding/respect for women is astounding," tweeted one woman.

"Dear Rob Ford, some women don't want money as gifts. I for instance, want a PlayStation 4. Buy your wife a gift," tweeted another.

Meanwhile, some poked fun at the mayor while referencing some of his other controversial statements.

"Rob Ford ....Christmas gifts are easy to give especially when I'm in a drunken stupor," tweeted one man.

"Women love money and men love crack. A heartwarming insight into Christmas at the Rob Ford household," tweeted another.

After months of denying reports that he had been filmed smoking what appeared to be crack cocaine, Ford admitted he had smoked the drug about a year ago in one of his "drunken stupors."

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