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Most key indicators for the federal Conservatives continue to scrape 12 month lows in the Nanos weekly federal tracking. The proportion of Canadians who would consider voting Conservative is at 36.1 percent (a new low) compared to a high of 44.1 percent and a 12 month average of 39.5 percent. In contrast 53.5 percent of Canadians would consider voting Liberal, 44.3 percent would consider voting NDP, 30.0 percent would consider voting Green and 30.8 percent of Quebecers would consider voting for the BQ. The data for parties are based on individual questions.

Trudeau is opening up a lead on the preferred Prime Minister front with 31.8 percent of Canadians identifying the Liberal leader as their preferred choice, followed by Harper at 25.5 percent, Mulcair at 18.7 and May at 6.3 percent respectively.

Of note a review of the index tracking strongly suggests there has occurred an erosion of positive perceptions towards the Conservatives among male voters. A corresponding erosion has not occurred among female voters. Both the NDP and the Liberals have over the past weeks improved their index scores among male voters.

Readers should note that with 12 months of weekly tracking, Nanos is now calculating highs, lows and averages for the key Nanos tracking variables in the public domain. This will allow our subscribers and clients to better contextualize the data.

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