National Newswatch

The federal Liberals continue to register strong scores on the Nanos Party Power Index. The Liberals scored 60.5 points out of 100 on the Nanos Party Power Index, while the Conservatives scored 50.4 points, the NDP 49.6 points, the Green Party 31.9 points and the BQ 25.6 points (QC only).

Accessible voters for both the Liberals and the NDP are near a twelve month high for both parties while accessible voters for the Conservatives are near their twelve month average. Asked a series of independent questions for each party, 58.8 percent of Canadians would consider voting Liberal, while 45.6 percent would consider the NDP, 40.6 percent would consider the Conservatives and 28.2 percent of Canadians would consider voting for the Green Party of Canada.

Trudeau has maintained a seven point advantage in the week over week tracking on the preferred Prime Minister front over Harper and registered a new 12 month high. For the first ranked choice for PM Trudeau came in at 35.8 percent, Harper at 28.3 percent, Mulcair at 17.8 percent, May at 3.6 percent, Beaulieu at 0.7 percent and the rest were unsure.

Readers should note that with more than 12 months of weekly tracking, Nanos is now calculating highs, lows and averages for the key Nanos tracking variables in the public domain. This will allow our subscribers and clients to better contextualize the data.

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