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TORONTO - Premier Kathleen Wynne is strongly suggesting she'll call a provincial byelection in Sudbury within days to replace a New Democrat who quit after just five months on the job.

Wynne says Sudbury should have a new MPP when the legislature resumes sitting Feb. 17, which would mean she'd have to call it within the next two weeks.

The still uncalled byelection led to a split in the Liberal ranks in Sudbury when the party's candidate in last June's general election, Andrew Oliver, said he was asked to step aside by Wynne.

Oliver announced today he would run as an independent in the byelection.

The Liberals convinced New Democrat MP Glenn Thibeault to quit the NDP and be the governing party's candidate in the upcoming byelection.

Wynne says she had hoped Oliver would stay as part of the Liberal team even though the party did not want him to be their candidate again.

New Democrat Joe Cimino, who defeated Oliver by less than 1,000 votes in June, surprised supporters in November when he announced he was quitting the legislature for personal reasons.

(With files from CJMX Sudbury)

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