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As you know, every week of the year Nanos keeps the political pulse on the federal scene. Now that we are approaching the federal election we will be making public our weekly tracking numbers. Factoring ballot support and preferences for Prime Minister we are still in a competitive environment for the major parties. In terms of the Nanos Party Power Index, the NDP outscore the other major parties because of the proportion of Canadians that would consider voting NDP.

Based on the Nanos weekly tracking which is comprised of a four week rolling average, the national ballot numbers stand at 31 per cent respectively for the Conservatives and the NDP, 27 per cent for the Liberals, and six per cent for the Green Party of Canada.

The weekly tracking on the Nanos Party Power Index suggests that the NDP have the highest score on the Index. The NDP registered 55 points out of a possible 100 points while the Conservatives registered 51 points, and the Liberals 50 points. The Green Party of Canada scored 31 points while the BQ scored 33 points (QC only).

The Nanos Party Power Index comprises a basket of political goods that includes ballot preferences, accessible voters, preferred PM views and evaluations of the leaders. It is modeled similar to a standard confidence index. It is a random telephone survey conducted with live agents, reaching out to Canadians through a land- and cell-line dual frame sample.

Perceptions related to who Canadians would prefer as Prime Minister remain relatively tight between Harper and Mulcair. Both were the preferred choice of 29 per cent of Canadians respectively while 23 per cent preferred Trudeau (a new 12 month low for Trudeau on this measure).

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