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SURREY, B.C. — B.C. Conservatives say if their party forms another federal government, it will create a formal list of criminal gangs, similar to the way it did for designated terrorist groups.

The party is also promising $2.5 million more per year on efforts to steer teens away from gang activity.

Former MP Stockwell Day unveiled the plan with candidate Dianne Watts, the former mayor of Surrey, B.C. — a city recently racked by a spasm of gun violence.

They say the gang list would ease the requirement for Crown prosecutors to prove repeatedly in individual cases that a specific gang is a criminal organization.

Day and Watts also pledged to increase spending by $2.5 million a year on a fund aimed at preventing youth from joining gangs.

Last May, the federal government promised to hire 100 additional Mounties for Surrey and spend millions more to fight a low-level, drug-fuelled turf war that has set off scores of shootings and killed one man.

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