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Nanos Party Power Index – Tracking on the brand strength of the respective federal parties suggest that the Liberals continue to score much higher than the other parties. The Nanos Party Power Index is a composite of a series of questions on ballot preferences and impressions of the leaders. The Liberals scored 67.3 out of a possible 100 points, while the New Democrats scored 48.9 points, the Conservatives 43.4 points, the Greens 33.9 points and the BQ 24.9 points (in Quebec only).

Accessible Voters – Almost two in three Canadians would consider voting for the Liberals (63.4%) while 42.4% would consider voting for the New Democrats, 39.7% would consider voting for the Conservatives, and 31.7% would consider voting for the Greens.

The full Nanos Research report is available here…

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