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Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall firmly rejected any suggestion that he will run for leader of the federal Conservatives. “I am not running for federal politics, period,” Wall told host David Akin Thursday on “Everything is Political” on SiriusXM radio.

Wall will be running for re-election in the province’s upcoming election in April and he is riding high on a wave of popular support as Canada’s most popular premier.

Many conservatives would like him to make the jump into federal politics and pundits have sighted his French lessons as a signal of an impending move.

But Wall, who is a country music fan, used some folksy language to stop the political music.

“I think Johnny Cash said that lies have to be covered up, but the truth can run around naked,” Wall told Akin. “Here’s the naked truth: I am not running for federal politics.”

Nonetheless, Wall remains the best known conservative critic of the new federal Liberal government, and has been outspoken on their refugee policy timelines and their climate change strategy.

Wall did surprise some, however, by voicing support for the Trudeau government’s push to increase trade with China, something Wall believes will benefit Saskatchewan.

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