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Preferred Prime Minister – Trudeau has now hit a new personal best since Nanos started tracking on who Canadians prefer as Prime Minister. Conversely, Mulcair has hit a new personal historic low. Asked who they would prefer as PM, Trudeau was the choice of 53.8% of Canadians while Ambrose came in at 15.6%, Mulcair at 9.0%, May at 3.6% and 16.7% were unsure.

Qualities of a Good Political Leader – Asked a series of independent questions for each federal party leader almost seven of ten Canadians (68.8%) thought Trudeau had the qualities of a good political leader. One of two Canadians (50.7%) thought Mulcair had the qualities of a good political leader while 36.4% and 32.9% thought similarly of May and Ambrose respectively.

The full Nanos Research report is available here…

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