National Newswatch

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau got an “unequivocal” commitment from other G7 countries Friday to not pay terrorist groups to release kidnapped hostages and got some backing for Canada’s position that the world’s leading economies most do more to empower women.

However, the Canadian leader made far less impact in his bid to get any commitment on fiscal stimulus through government investments in infrastructure. Although five pages of the G7’s closing statement were devoted to economic issues the only reference to fiscal stimulus – which has been promoted by Trudeau and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was to make tax policy and public spending “as growth-friendly as possible” and consider “budget expenditures and revenues to support productivity, employment, inclusiveness and growth.”

That the G7 had not come out more strongly about Japan’s ideas of about to solve global economic stagnation through public spending had, according to Japanese journalists, been a huge disappointment to Abe.

Several dozen grand principles were pronounced. But ther

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