National Newswatch

Preferred Prime Minister – The latest Nanos tracking suggests that more than one of two Canadians (54.1%) prefer Trudeau as Prime Minister while 16.5 per cent prefer Ambrose, 7.9 per cent prefer Mulcair, 3.6 per cent prefer May and 15.8 per cent were unsure. Mulcair has hit another 12 month low on this measure.

Qualities of a Good Political Leader – Asked a series of independent questions for each federal party leader more than seven in ten (71.2%) Canadians thought Trudeau had the qualities of a good political leader while 46.3 per cent thought similarly of Mulcair. About the same proportion of Canadians (38% and 37%) thought that May and Ambrose respectively had the qualities of a good political leader.

The full Nanos Research report is available here…

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