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In the single 24-hour a day multinational feed that is now the global policy universe, Canada has posted something distinctive in the content stream with the signing of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

In a world where division, intractability, rejection, belligerence, xenophobia and protectionism have become the norm, Canada is the new rogue state — a constructive, free trading, brazenly peace-mongering democracy.

As Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland said Monday in Ottawa: “I’m so delighted we have been able to take this step with Europe. Canada is very proud today to be a voice for the open society in the world.”

Freeland made the remarks during a scrum following a celebratory hug on the House floor between the former financial journalist and author — wearing one of what have become her trademark red dresses — and her Tory predecessor, Ed Fast, to mark the fact that, despite balky Walloons, a European Union in upheaval and the recent stunning uptick in the politicization of protectionism

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