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Ten days into the previously unthinkable Trump administration, the outlines of a conceptual framework through which to view the new American president’s political philosophy are beginning to emerge amid the fog of confusion and perpetual avalanche of tweets.

We can safely conclude that Donald Trump is not a realist, after a week that began with the new president of the United States casting doubt on the flawed US electoral system that propelled him to the White House before doubling down on his post-truth fixation on inauguration crowd size, then handing Asia to China by killing the Trans Pacific Partnership, causing a major rift with Mexico over his proposed border wall, tactically re-casting American journalism as an enemy of the government and finally unleashing an international crisis over immigration and refugee policy.

Trump’s embrace of Henry Kissinger, the 20th century’s second-most famous realist after Hans Morgenthau, can’t be interpreted as an espousal of realism any more than his consultations with Kanye West can be interpreted as an indictment of “big-ass striped scarves” or anything else he does or says can be interpreted as an indication of anything else he might say, do or believe.

And we know Trump is not an idealist or small “l” liberal in international relations theory terms because he has given no indication that he fundamentally believes that the destructive potential of nations to thwart progress in human events can be mitigated by a rules-based internati

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