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The problem with these so-called sunny ways that our prime minister is supposed to epitomize is they can easily blind you to the truth.

Last week, I watched the much-anticipated first meeting between Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Donald ‘Tweeter’ Trump with a mix of trepidation and small-minded anticipation – half-expecting the younger Canuck to get a bloody lesson in big-boy politics.

That it didn’t happen came as a relief to Canada and our future economy but, like spectators who discover they’ve missed the pay-per-view cage fight, it was also a bit disappointing.

Maybe such unworthy emotions arise because the bloke is just so good-looking, successful and charming that us lesser males want him to get some form of comeuppance.

Or perhaps it’s not simple jealousy at all, but instead, it’s because he leads the

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