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Such were the joys of childhood – throwing firecrackers into sewer pipes and anxiously waiting, homemade spear in hand, the resulting exodus of rats.

And kids today think some new app is fun? They haven’t lived.

So, arriving in Alberta many years ago, it came as a surprise that here was a land where such childhood rites of passage were unknown. In fact, there weren’t even such small, but ferocious, rodents to hunt. It seemed a strange place.

But nostalgia is too sweet to entirely abandon so, with a small thrill of remembrance and a nice shiver of excitement, I learned the sewer rat is, after all, alive and thriving here in Wild Rose Country. We know this thanks to our current health minister, who, it seems, has seen lots of them.

How many exactly, she didn’t say, in answering a routine question from Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre MLA Jason Nixon (the lad needs help with that designator).

Anyhow, the Wildrose member was asking th

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