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Ben Franklin must be doing the old 360-degree roll in his final Philadelphia resting place at the latest muddle our provincial government has dragged us into.

It was old Ben, in discussing the then-recently-signed U.S. Constitution, who declared: “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

Maybe the premier needs a good pair of bifocals – one of Ben’s inventions, by the way – to catch up on her reading of political history, because the firestorm over carbon tax cheques sent to people who subsequently die is as clear an example of Franklin’s wisdom as she’ll come across.

Before we get to the ludicrous lack of forethought by our provincial government and its myriad well-heeled advisers, it would be heartless not to feel sympathy for relatives of dead Albertans now being told to send back the carbon tax rebate money.

Dealing with grief at a loved one’s death is difficult enough, without the government telling you the deceased owes some paltry amount and you need to hustle and repay it.

The initial reaction, coming at a time of fragility

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