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In sharp contrast to last year, marijuana activist Dana Larsen’s latest visit to Calgary ended up being uneventful, at least from a law enforcement perspective.

As part of Larsen’s cross-country Overgrow Canada tour, he was handing out marijuana seeds to those in attendance at Friday’s event. Police were briefly present, but left without incident.

It’s certainly understandable why police would avoid making a fuss. For one thing, there are numerous places in Calgary where marijuana seeds can be obtained. If Calgary police are going to turn a blind eye to that, it wouldn’t make sense to start arresting people at Larsen’s event. Moreover, there’s the additional hassle of having to prove that these are, in fact, viable marijuana seeds.

Of course, there are two much larger issues at play here. One is the fact that we may be just days away from legislation being tabled to finally legalize marijuana. The other is that delays in Alberta’s court system have become rather acute. For those two reasons alone, marijuana arrests should not be a priority.

Despite the fact that common sense prevailed Frida

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