National Newswatch

It will take some time to determine what exactly Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gained from his trip to China although it produced smiles from several farm commodity sectors.

Trudeau met much of the Chinese leadership but didn’t land a commitment to negotiate a free trade deal–just the opportunity to keep talking about one.

While Trudeau’s office issued comments on the Prime Minister’s meetings with the Chinese leaders, the Chinese made no comment on the meetings.

Trade watcher Peter Clark said reports on meetings with the Chinese are always one sided because Bejing doesn’t issue statements on them. “They’re interested in understanding what Canada wants but there won’t be any quick approval.” He predicted any trade deal would focus on Canadian resources and using Chinese workers in Canada.

Still the Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance (CAFTA), the Canadian Meat Council, the Canadian Pork Council, the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association and Pulse Canada found benefits in an announced by China of increased market access.

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