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OTTAWA — Two of the seven MPs who quit the Bloc Quebecois three months ago over Martine Ouellet's leadership are rejoining the party with her departure imminent.

Michel Boudrias and Simon Marcil are returning to the fold, while the five others will stay in the new party they are setting up.

Rheal Fortin, one of the five, said today the decision to not return was based on Bloc members voting last weekend to make Quebec independence front and centre of the party's daily discussion.

Ouellet announced Monday she will step down as head of the Bloc after she received only 32 per cent support in a leadership vote last weekend.

The resignation takes effect this coming Monday.

The Bloc has been in disarray since late February when the seven MPs quit over Ouellet's leadership style, accusing her of talking about independence at all times instead of working to defend Quebec's interests within the current parliamentary system.

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