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Canada’s recent bid for membership in the United Nations Security Council was promoted with narratives such as “Canada is back” and “The world needs more Canada.” But one of the key failings of this campaign was in the clarity of its messaging: Ottawa did not make it plain to global partners precisely what the country could offer toward steering a more stable, resilient, fair and equitable world. Whether in pursuit of a Security Council seat, or to build a more credible voice on any multilateral platform, careful messaging — the words and narratives that characterize a comprehensive, compelling and visionary posture for Canada on the chess board of international players — is paramount. The articulation and understanding of this messaging is even more complete when it includes some idea of the resources Canada is willing to devote to realizing it. Well-defined positions and corresponding resources can then serve as a policy dashboard for any senior official tasked with projecting Canada’s goals further afield.

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