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As Olivia Milton and her husband packed up their four-year-year son up for trips to their Kyiv neighbourhood bomb shelter, they crafted a narrative to explain the flurry of activity to him.

With the Russian war on Ukraine underway, Milton, 33, said they told him there was a “crazy man” who was “kind of sick” who was coming to take their land with his warplanes and tanks.

“Hey mom, you know, I had a dream today,” Milton recalled her son later telling her later. “I was dreaming while I was sleeping, and I had a dream that I have a police tank that’s protected the city.”

Milton reflected on the war in an interview with The Canadian Press from her family’s Kyiv apartment a few days before Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived in London Sunday night for the start of a four-country Europe tour. It offered a subtle human snapshot of Ukraine’s strife as 1.5 million citizens have fled across Europe in an unprecedented refugee crisis.

Trudeau is planning to meet with several allies to discuss responses to Russia’s attack and the humanitarian crisis it has now spawned.

The Canadian Press
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