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Rural and remote areas need plenty of help.

Ottawa—Farm Credit Canada will match up to $1 million in new donations to food banks and food security agencies across Canada to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its Drive Away Hunger program, President and CEO Justine Hendricks has announced.

Last year, Drive Away Hunger raised a record 40 million meals and FCC hopes to inspire an even bigger impact this year with its match program, she said.

“The results of Drive Away Hunger are incredible. Not only from the size of donations, but also from the real difference it makes in the lives of Canadians. Marking this milestone 20th year, we are confident the Canadian food system will come through with its trademark generosity and make the most of FCC’s match program.”

Food Banks Canada and Second Harvest Canada will direct the funding to underserved rural and remote where 29 per cent of Canada’s food banks are located. Food in these areas can be more expensive and difficult to access. Hendricks said donations can come in the form of cash or food as it all makes a difference.

Nearly 20 per cent of Canadians get their food from charitable organizations like food banks. The demand for assistance continues to increase and the Canadian food system can provide help through its vast network of agricultural and food companies and producers.

“Good work has already been done, but there is so much more potential for donations, that is why we are putting the call out to the agriculture and food industry to use FCC’s match program as a way to make the most of their contributions to Drive Away Hunger with whatever means they have,” she said.

“Whether it’s a cash donation online or perhaps a company that would like to redirect surplus product or seconds through Drive Away Hunger, you can ensure your donation benefits food insecure people in your community.”

Through Drive Away Hunger, donors in the industry can get connected with charitable food security agencies in hopes of creating long-term, sustainable relationships. FCC works with partners and communities to identify opportunities and create meaningful results in communities across Canada. Cash and food donations can be made online at driveawayhunger.ca

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