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Feb 2 2023 — Catharine Tunney

Canada’s cyber intelligence agency says LockBit — a prolific ransomware group with links to Russia — was responsible for 22 per cent of attributed ransomware incidents in Canada last year and will pose an “enduring threat” to Canadian organizations this year. On Thursday, the Communications Security Establishment said it sent a threat report to Canadian […]

Feb 2 2023 —

While Canada’s premiers have been insisting they need 35 per cent of their health-care funding costs covered by the federal government, British Columbia’s premier is signalling he may be willing to move past that “red line” in next Tuesday’s meeting in Ottawa with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “For B.C.’s perspective, we’re not going in with […]

Ottawa vows to curb Canadian university research with Chinese military scientists

Feb 2 2023 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase

Innovation Minister François-Philippe Champagne has reproached Canadian universities for collaborating with Chinese military scientists and vowed to bring in new national-security guidelines to better protect cutting-edge science and technology from ending up in the hands of China. “I am not happy and it’s unacceptable,” Mr. Champagne told the House of Commons committee on science and […]

Feb 2 2023 —

Today, a year after his ouster, we publish an exclusive interview with former Tory leader ERIN O’TOOLE. Three-hundred and sixty-five days have passed since the worst one of ERIN O’TOOLE’s political career. On his last day as Conservative leader, 73 members of his caucus voted to give him the boot. Only 45 supported him. With […]

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The Economic Tide is Turning

Feb 2 2023 — Glen Pearson

Canadians continue to feel that the ongoing impacts of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict are having detrimental effects on the economy overall and their own personal standard of living as well.  They aren’t wrong.  We knew collective pain was coming.  It still is, continually prompting speculation about an oncoming recession. There are signs, however, that things are […]

Why a big Conservative lead in the polls is bad news for Poilievre

Feb 2 2023 — John Ivison

The bad news for Pierre Poilievre in the latest public opinion poll is that it suggests his Conservative party would win a majority government if an election were held tomorrow. Abacus Data’s latest poll, released Wednesday, gives the Conservatives the biggest lead they have held since Justin Trudeau was elected in 2015, with 37 per […]

Our fixation on the U.S. is a barrier to Canadian progress

Feb 2 2023 — Harrison Ruess

Let’s start with a couple positives today. (Sorry, Jen.) A health-care debate is genuinely getting underway. This is certainly true in Ontario, as this province contemplates some tweaks to health-care delivery. But it is spilling out into other regions as well — partly because of the Toronto-centric nature of media coverage in our country, but […]

Everything isn’t broken. The government is

Feb 2 2023 — Andrew Coyne

Oh God they’re back. As the ritual shaking of jowls resumes in Ottawa, we are reminded again of how much the government and opposition are agreed: notably, in the belief that the government is responsible for every sparrow that falls, in the economy in particular. They have, indeed, a mutual interest in maintaining this fiction: […]

No Conservatives, you aren’t being discriminated against

Feb 2 2023 — Dale Smith

resent-day conservatives like to complain that they are the victims of so-called cancel culture, and that they are somehow hard done by in the media and online, in spite of all evidence to the contrary. Some of them have decided to fight back against this supposed encroachment against them by declaring that their human rights […]

Recession may be coming but Canada’s stimulus cupboard is bare

Feb 2 2023 — Joe Oliver

Many economists are predicting a recession in Canada, the U.S. and globally. Unfortunately, the Liberal government significantly weakened its ability to respond by ignoring the advice of John Maynard Keynes, the economist whom liberals used to follow: Save during periods of growth so you can stimulate the economy during a downturn. Instead, finance ministers Morneau […]

Singh should stop raising spectre of health-care boogeyman

Feb 1 2023 — Tim Powers

So here we go again: as Canadians call out for major health-care reform, the NDP wants to have a faux fight about privatization in our national health-care system. As Parliament resumed on Jan. 30, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said he wanted an emergency debate about private health care in the House of Commons. He also […]

Jan 31 2023 — Don Martin

He hailed it as dawn of the Liberal “meet the moment” era, an eye-rolling slogan of unclear meaning introduced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last week as his party’s challenge for the parliamentary year ahead. While sitting in an overcrowded hospital waiting room Monday waiting for a preventative checkup, I watched the year’s first question […]

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Jan 31 2023 — David Billedeau and Nicholas Palaschuk

Modern investors believe companies that prioritize environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG)-related investments represent better long-term returns. The result – organizations worldwide are integrating ESG principles into their operations to reduce their risk profiles and make themselves more attractive to institutional investors. This presents a significant opportunity for Canada. Global investment funds applying ESG criteria […]

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Several CBC shows including ‘Schitt’s Creek’ and ‘Heartland’ departing Netflix Canada

Feb 1 2023 —

Several of CBC’s hit television series are set to depart Netflix Canada next month. CBC says it decided not to renew the licensing deal with Netflix for six titles, including award-winning comedies “Kim’s Convenience” and “Schitt’s Creek.” Also departing the streamer Feb. 28 are the western family drama “Heartland,” 20th century detective series “Murdoch Mysteries,” […]


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