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Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil stepping down

Aug 6 2020 —

Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil announced Thursday he will step down. McNeil was first elected in 2003 as MLA for Annapolis and has been premier since 2013. McNeil said he had made the decision to resign prior to COVID-19, but he reconsidered when the virus arrived in Nova Scotia in March. “All of those plans were […]

Aug 6 2020 — Joël-Denis Bellavance

Selon des informations obtenues par La Presse, la firme National avait aussi le mandat de mettre en œuvre le programme controversé, lequel était doté d’une enveloppe pouvant atteindre les 900 millions de dollars, dans les communautés francophones dans le reste du pays, WE Charity (UNIS en français) étant un organisme essentiellement unilingue anglophone. UNIS avait […]

Aug 6 2020 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince dispatched a hit squad to Toronto in an attempt to murder a former high-ranking intelligence officer, an effort made shortly after the assassination of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey, according to allegations contained in court documents filed in Washington. The target was Saad Aljabri, 61, who held a senior intelligence […]

Erin O’Toole’s team is going door to door with a photocopier. Here’s why

Aug 5 2020 — Alex Boutilier

The Conservatives face significant logistical hurdles in selecting their next leader, with COVID-19 dashing hopes of a traditional leadership convention in favour of mail-in ballots. But while the reliability of mail-in balloting is a hot political topic in Donald Trump’s America, the Conservatives are comparatively comfortable with the process. The party’s last leadership contest was […]

Senate shifts rules for Meredith victim compensation process

Aug 6 2020 —

The Senate says harassment victims of disgraced former senator Don Meredith can now have lawyers when speaking to an independent evaluator hired to determine potential compensation for them, and also that their legal costs might be covered. This is a partial reversal in the rules set by the Upper Chamber and comes two days after […]

Aug 6 2020 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service has warned the country’s universities and research institutions that Beijing is using academic recruitment programs such as its Thousand Talents Plan to attract scientists to China in hopes of obtaining cutting-edge science and technology for economic and military advantage. The federal spy agency says the Thousand Talents Plan (TTP), which […]

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Aug 6 2020 — Sarah Turnbull

The federal government says beyond an emergency response following Tuesday’s deadly blast in Beirut, it is committed to providing “long-term” aid to Lebanon as it continues to grapple with economic and health crises. International Development Minister Karina Gould provided more details about how Canada’s $5-million aid package would be distributed, including $1.5 million being sent […]

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Aug 6 2020 —

China has sentenced a Canadian citizen to death on charges of manufacturing the drug ketamine amid heightened tension between the two countries. The Guangzhou Municipal Intermediate Court announced Xu Weihong’s penalty on Thursday and said an alleged accomplice, Wen Guanxiong, had been given a life sentence. Death sentences are automatically referred to China’s highest court […]

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Aug 6 2020 —

Conservatives are asking the Privacy Commissioner to investigate if the online platform used by WE Charity to process applications to the Canada Student Grant Program violated federal privacy laws by potentially storing their data abroad. “When Canadians sign up for taxpayer-funded programs, there is a reasonable assumption that their data is kept within Canada and […]

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UN Ambassador Bob Rae’s Greatest Challenge

Aug 6 2020 — Glen Pearson

The appointment of Bob Rae to become this country’s ambassador to the United Nations made sense to most.  As a Canadian statesmen and politician, Rae just happens to be a person of large interests and experience around the world – a quality that suits the post of someone meant not only to represent Canada to […]

WE deal – conflict of interest or incompetence?

Aug 6 2020 — Lorrie Goldstein

If the federal public service wasn’t driven by the knowledge of the personal relationship between the Trudeau family and the WE organization in recommending it receive a $500-million sole-sourced contract, there is only one other logical explanation. That is that the public service is grossly incompetent.

Welcome to the New McCarthyism

Aug 6 2020 — Lisa Van Dusen

If Godwin’s law has been among the many casualties of reality-show fascism, it is quickly being replaced by the rule that, in any debate about China, the spectre of McCarthyism will be deployed—invariably by China—to chill criticism. “Current U.S. policy toward China is based on strategic misjudgments that lack factual evidence, and is full of […]

Is there enough room under the bus for all the WE scandal’s victims?

Aug 6 2020 — Joe Oliver

So many implausible, self-serving and illogical explanations have been advanced to defend the prime minister’s involvement with the WE Charity student program that it is difficult to decide which to reject first. One evident purpose for all the imaginative argumentation from politicians, political operatives and public servants is to defend themselves by targeting victims, guilty […]

Try to see WE from 35,000 feet

Aug 4 2020 — Andrew MacDougall

Who knew Justin Trudeau was a handbrake on the ill-fated WE deal, as outlined in his testimony at committee last week, and not the facilitator, as so many suspected? A poor and conflicted handbrake, sure, given the deal went through unchanged only two weeks later on Trudeau’s say-so, but the only handbrake willing to stop […]

Aug 4 2020 — Gregory P. Marchildon and Peter Bleyer

The COVID-19 pandemic has given Canadians an unprecedented look at our federation at work. And while our federal and provincial governments have worked far better together than their equivalents south of the border, we have a difficult road ahead of us. Federalism — shared rule through a national government and regional self-rule through subnational governments […]

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Entertainment Plus

Comedian Norm Macdonald launches video-only dating app LOKO in Canada

Aug 6 2020 —

A video-only dating app co-developed by Canadian comedian Norm Macdonald has launched in Canada. Called LOKO, the app features video profiles of its users instead of photos, and allows them to set up virtual dates. Macdonald developed the app with entrepreneur and actor Vivek Jain of Regina. The two have already launched it in other […]


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