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Yukon Liberal MP breaks ranks over gun bill, calling for clarification over which guns are targeted

Dec 7 2022 — Bryan Passifiume

Cracks are beginning to form in the Liberal caucus over the government’s contentious gun control bill, and the Conservatives were quick to jump on it during question period on Wednesday. Addressing the Liberals across the aisle, Opposition Leader Pierre Poilievre wasted no time in bringing up comments made by Yukon Liberal MP Brendan Hanley, who […]

Dec 7 2022 —

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the federal government will investigate an RCMP equipment contract awarded to a company with ties to China’s government — and will also re-examine its approach to procurement. A Radio-Canada investigation found that Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) awarded Sinclair Technologies a contract worth $549,637 last year to build and […]

Dec 7 2022 —

Twas the weeks before Christmas and all through the land, Canada’s premiers were anxious to learn where they stand. Provincial constituents assessed their leaders with care. Deciding, was sound judgement recently there? Moe and Legault enjoyed moments of ease, knowing significant majorities of their electorates were pleased. Carbon taxation, causing an Ottawa-Halifax flap, but Houston […]

Alberta, Saskatchewan chiefs call for sovereignty acts to be withdrawn

Dec 7 2022 —

First Nations chiefs in Alberta and Saskatchewan are calling for their provinces to toss proposed legislation they say is inherently undemocratic, unconstitutional and infringes on Indigenous rights. The chiefs are putting forward an emergency resolution at the Assembly of First Nations special assembly to reject sovereignty bills that are before both provincial legislatures. Chief Tony […]

Bank of Canada raises rate again to 4.25% — but opens door to staying there

Dec 7 2022 —

The Bank of Canada raised its benchmark interest rate by 50 basis points, to 4.25 per cent. The move was widely expected by economists, who were anticipating a rate hike of either 25 or 50 points. Canada’s central bank has raised its rate seven times this year in its fight to wrestle inflation into submission. […]

Dec 7 2022 — Stuart Benson

Although the Liberals say they’re willing to review controversial changes to their gun-control legislation to avoid targeting common firearms used by hunters, the pressure is already mounting on the NDP to speak out as “left-leaning” hunters set their sights on MPs representing the party’s substantial rural, northwestern, and Indigenous constituencies. Following the Nov. 17 introduction […]

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Dec 7 2022 —

As David Eby prepares to announce his new cabinet Wednesday, and against a backdrop of B.C.’s strong financial picture, many are speculating the new premier will call a snap election despite repeated vows he’ll wait until the fixed October 2024 date. B.C. Green Leader Sonia Furstenau announced Tuesday that her party has opened nominations for […]

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Today in Canada’s Political History: PM Harper becomes first Canadian PM to address South Korea’s Assembly

Dec 7 2022 — Arthur Milnes

Canada’s 22nd Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Stephen J. Harper, was in South Korean on this date in 2009. He made history on his visit in becoming the first-ever Canadian PM to address South Korea’s national assembly. In his address, Harper recalled Canada’s proud service in the cause of freedom during the Korean War. “Canada […]

Has Pierre Poilievre’s social media output made him the first influencer in Canadian politics?

Dec 6 2022 — Geoff Russ

Is Pierre Poilievre Canada’s first “influencer” politician? Influencers are online celebrities with large social media followings that promote anything from sneakers to lip gloss to hunting products, with the intent of convincing their audiences to buy them. The products that influencers promote are often niche and appeal to a specific audience. Poilievre does not promote […]

Dictatorial, unworkable sovereignty act may be worst legislation in Alberta history

Dec 5 2022 — Don Braid

Alberta is engulfed in a heart-wrenching crisis of children’s health that even makes official cruelty unavoidable. Mortally ill children are being moved from the hospice where they were lovingly cared for in their dying, into the Alberta Children’s Hospital itself, along with their care teams. Respite care, which helps families whose kids have severe disabilities, […]

It’s time: Canada needs to invest in the Northwest Territories

Dec 5 2022 — Premier Caroline Cochrane

In 2019, the Standing Committee on Indigenous and Northern Affairs released a report titled A Path to Growth: Investing in the North. The committee developed the report to help Canada better understand what hinders socio-economic development across the Canadian Arctic, they also provided recommendations on how to better support infrastructure development in the North. The report states, […]

Danielle Smith a political mayfly, not long for the job

Dec 5 2022 — Michael Harris

Let’s start with the good news. As premier of Alberta, Danielle Smith is a political mayfly; not long for the job. By May 29, the woman who was made premier by one per cent of Albertans will be a gaudy footnote, in the dismal decline of a conservatism firmly captured by anger. This group continues […]

Dec 5 2022 — Dan Malleck

By now, you may have heard about the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse and Addiction’s (CSSA) recent report that recommends, in order to avoid a litany of harms, Canadians should limit their consumption of alcohol to two drinks or less per week. The report, which significantly reduces internationally recognized recommendations of a maximum of two […]

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Dec 6 2022 — Arthur Milnes

Canada’s 15th Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Pierre Trudeau, was in Washington on this date in 1971 for talks with President Richard Nixon at the White House. Besides bilateral issues and irritants, Trudeau and Nixon also discussed the President’s unprecedented upcoming trip to China. “The President then gave an account of the Peking trip, emphasizing the […]

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Dec 3 2022 — Althia Raj

Nobel Peace Prize-winning laureate Maria Ressa made the rounds of popular U.S. talk shows this week. The Filipino-American journalist, who helped expose ex-Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte’s authoritarianism and murderous anti-drug campaign, is a ferocious critic of Facebook for its role spreading anger and lies, and for radicalizing and dividing societies. “If you don’t have facts, […]

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Dec 2 2022 — Lisa Kerr

Recently, Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre released a YouTube video entitled “Everything feels broken,” in which he sits on a picturesque Vancouver beach with a tent city in the background. With a good degree of compassion, he describes the opioid dependency that he says fills these tents. But he offers an incongruous solution: tough punishment […]

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