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Aug 18 2022 —

There is not enough evidence to open a formal church investigation into sexual assault allegations against Quebec Cardinal Marc Ouellet, Pope Francis said Thursday. The pontiff issued his statement through Matteo Bruni, director of the Holy See press office. Allegations of sexual assault against Ouellet are part of a class-action lawsuit formally filed this week […]

Aug 18 2022 — Kyle Bakx

The Canadian oilpatch is basking in its most lucrative year ever. Hefty prices for both oil and natural gas that have pained consumers are delivering a bounty of riches for the industry. That bounty was reinforced over the past few weeks as companies again posted extraordinary profits. While commodity prices have softened slightly, there is […]

Survey suggests Translation Bureau’s existing interpretation resources could be better used, says AIIC

Aug 18 2022 — Laura Ryckewaert

Almost half of responding Translation Bureau-accredited freelance interpreters have taken zero or very few assignments with the bureau in the last six months, according to a new survey by the International Association of Conference Interpreters—findings rep Nicole Gagnon says show the House of Commons’ pilot project to test the use of external providers is “needlessly […]

Aug 18 2022 —

Ontario Health Minister Sylvia Jones’ plan to stabilize the health-care system includes increasing surgeries performed at private clinics but covered by OHIP, covering the exam and registration fees for internationally trained nurses, and sending patients waiting for a long-term care bed to a home not of their choosing. The plan comes as nursing staff shortages […]

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Aug 18 2022 —

Warren Thwing collects model trains and Avro Arrow paraphernalia, posters and stamps. The keepsakes at his home in Kingston, Ont., span aviation, hockey, Star Trek and car racing. But by far his biggest haul is of RCMP memorabilia. “I have always been a lover of the Mounties,” he said in an interview with CBC News. […]

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Aug 17 2022 —

A committee of Canadian MPs is seeking budget approval to make a trade trip to Taiwan this fall despite fears that the plan risks escalating tensions with China. The House of Commons international trade committee is planning to visit Taiwan and Singapore, although the Commons has not yet approved the committee’s budget for the trip. […]

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Canada should sever diplomatic relations with Russia

Aug 17 2022 — George Monastiriakos

The full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, like the annexation of Crimea and the occupation of Georgia and Moldova before it, is the latest phase in the defining ideological struggle of the 21stcentury: between countries governed by the rule of law, in favour of building and maintaining a rules-based international system, and lawless states that seek […]

Premiers asked for better access to international talent, but is the federal government listening?

Aug 17 2022 — Michael Sangster

During the recent Council of the Federation meeting in Victoria, B.C., First Ministers from across our country specifically called on the federal government to “remove barriers to international students for federal employment support programs, including collaboration with provinces and territories in optimizing the Post-Graduate Work Permit for international students to meet local workforce needs and […]

Alberta is on the verge of the constitutional abyss

Aug 17 2022 — Andrew Coyne

The race for the leadership of the United Conservative Party of Alberta reached an important milestone last week with the passing of the deadline for new members to join. Members will start mailing in their ballots Sept. 2, with the results to be announced Oct. 6 – just seven weeks from now. Which means we […]

Aug 16 2022 — Kevin Newman

I recognized all too well that stoic moment Lisa LaFlamme created on Twitter. Robbed of her usual platform for addressing an audience, she was on her own. Bell Media practice requires the instant elimination of your website profile, social media accounts and usual means of communication when you’re let go or lose your show. That’s […]

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Aug 16 2022 — Heather Scoffield

Inflation seems to have peaked, finally. But before anyone gets too comfortable with that idea and declares our biggest economic problem solved, they should probably reconsider over breakfast. Yes, the big inflation number that draws all of the attention is lower in July than it was in June. The year-over-year consumer price index that groups […]

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Aug 16 2022 — Graham Thomson

Premier Jason Kenney has entered the United Conservative Party race to replace him as leader. Not as a candidate — but as a meddler. Kenney didn’t so much dive as belly-flop into the race this week, with an awkward attack on a proposal from perceived frontrunner Danielle Smith. She is championing a controversial “Alberta Sovereignty […]

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Aug 16 2022 — Duane Bratt

Premier Jason Kenney waded into the contest to take over his job and party, by warning perceived front-runner Danielle Smith’s proposed Sovereignty Act would make Alberta a “laughingstock.” The UCP leadership candidate’s bill would have trouble even becoming law, Kenney said on his weekend radio show, because it would ignore and violate the Constitution in […]

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Aug 15 2022 — Kelly Cryderman

Jason Kenney has avoided saying much about the United Conservative Party contest that will see him replaced as leader and Premier this October. “I’m not going to get into being a colour commentator on the leadership election,” he says. But at some moments, he can’t help himself. This was on full display as Mr. Kenney […]

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