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Trudeau says he remains open to electoral reform if Liberals re-elected

Sep 18 2021 —

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said Saturday that he remains open to getting rid of Canada’s first-past-the-post electoral system if his party is re-elected, provided there’s more consensus on the issue — something he says was lacking in the past. Trudeau said, however, that he would not favour proportional representation as an alternative, saying the system […]

Sep 18 2021 — Marieke Walsh

The vast majority of Conservative candidates are not disclosing their vaccination status, even as their party leader has championed vaccinations as key to getting through the pandemic. Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole has said if his party wins government, it would ensure the country’s COVID-19 vaccination rate goes above 90 per cent, but he is the […]

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I have concerns

Sep 17 2021 — Jen Gerson

Throughout this election campaign, I have written weekly round ups on Fridays at The Line. I’m not on the campaign trail, mind, and what I’ve tried to offer here are not daily gaffes or horserace analysis, but rather a sense of the overall themes of the election. This Friday’s blast will be the final summation […]

After the Election: Three Options for Canada’s Foreign Policy

Sep 19 2021 — Zach Paikin

As is usually the case in Canadian federal elections, foreign policy issues have not figured prominently on the hustings. While Afghanistan and the two Michaels were briefly discussed during the campaign’s sole English-language debate, these issues concern the safety and wellbeing of Canadian citizens caught in the line of fire. Virtually no attention has been […]

Down to the Final Days of Uncertainty

Sep 17 2021 — Lori Turnbull

In the final days of the federal campaign, all eyes are on the national polls, which show a tight race between the Liberals and the Conservatives (though some polls are tighter than others). On the Friday before the election, Nanos Research indicated that 31.9 percent of voters had the Liberals as their first choice, compared […]

Sep 17 2021 —

He was once cast as our knight in shining armour coming to our political rescue. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. He’s not out of the woods. Not yet. He gambles with COVID-19, we lose and many of his backers wonder how much longer they can hang in hoping for the bossman to get his […]

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Sep 16 2021 — John Ivison

Another day, another gross invasion of privacy as a political candidate (and the travelling media circus) expropriated someone’s lawn for a photo op. Jagmeet Singh was in the Davenport riding, just west of Toronto’s downtown, to hammer home his party’s affordable housing plan. “Families can’t afford Justin Trudeau’s housing crisis and billionaire handouts any longer” […]

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Piers Morgan to launch new TV show in deal with News Corp

Sep 17 2021 —

British presenter Piers Morgan will join News Corp and Fox News Media and host a TV show that will air in the U.S., Britain and Australia, the company said Thursday. News Corp executive chair Rupert Murdoch said Morgan, 56, is “the broadcaster every channel wants but is too afraid to hire.” Murdoch added in a […]


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