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Jan 26 2022 — Rachel Aiello

Conservative MPs are publicly cheering on the trucker convoy that’s making its way across the country with the intent of converging onto Parliament Hill this weekend, voicing opposition to the federal government’s mandatory vaccination policies. The so-called “freedom convoy” was sparked by outrage over a vaccine mandate recently imposed on cross-border truckers, though the convoy […]

Jan 26 2022 —

Three sitting New Democrat MPs are being criticized for posting “terrible” comments about the escalating tensions between Ukraine and Russia on social media, some of which questioned Canada’s support for Ukraine in the face of Moscow’s aggression. Winnipeg Centre MP Leah Gazan has since apologized for sharing an article on Twitter over the weekend criticizing […]

Jan 26 2022 — Alex Boutilier

A second Conservative riding association is calling on party leadership to put Erin O’Toole’s leadership to a vote. The Carlton Lake—Eagle Creek riding in Saskatchewan recently passed a motion calling for a leadership review no later than June 15 to “ensure a united and strong Conservative Party of Canada in preparation for an election which […]

Jan 26 2022 — Neil Moss

The pair that is credited with saving Canada’s North American trade pact are reuniting in the Finance Department, as the chief negotiator of the new NAFTA, Steve Verheul, has joined Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland’s department. Widely praised across the partisan divide, Verheul has been called the “architect” and “brain” of Canada’s trade agenda. He left […]

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Jan 26 2022 — Stewart Bell

A government report on Chinese espionage activities in Canada accuses Beijing of engaging in a “systematic campaign of intelligence-gathering, persuasion, influence, and manipulation” against the Chinese community. In the report obtained by Global News, Canadian officials alleged the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office was tasked with “influencing or manipulating” community members, and using “coercive tactics” against […]

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The many delusions of Russia-Ukraine ‘realists’

Jan 25 2022 — Andrew Coyne

As Russia masses troops on Ukraine’s borders, poised to invade, a chorus of voices urges the democracies to do nothing to deter it. They include, of course, the Trumpist right, whose indifference to Ukraine is of a piece with their worship of Vladimir Putin, but also the pacifist left, who insist there can be no […]

NATO allies brace for serious cyberattacks that could be the trigger for war

Jan 25 2022 — Tasha Kheiriddin

The warnings came last week of a possible Russian cyber-attack on Canadian installations. The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, a branch of the Communications Security Establishment, reported knowledge of “foreign cyber threat activities, including by Russian-backed actors, to target Canadian critical infrastructure network operators, their operational and information technology.”

Erin O’Toole is peddling garbage politics

Jan 24 2022 — Supriya Dwivedi

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole recently released a 42-second video decrying the Liberal plan to phase out fossil fuels within the next year and a half, knowing it wasn’t true. O’Toole starts off by telling us the temperature and informing us we live in a cold country before alleging the Liberal government wants to phase out […]

If Erin O’Toole wants to be a leader, why does he refuse to act like one?

Jan 24 2022 — Althia Raj

Watching Erin O’Toole obfuscate with reporters Monday — on whether he supports a truck convoy protesting vaccination rules — laid bare the Conservative leader’s principal challenge. He desperately wants to avoid his predecessor’s mistakes but in doing so keeps making his own errors. O’Toole was asked eight times, whether he stands with the so-called “freedom […]

Jan 25 2022 — Max Fawcett

Jason Kenney’s government has a special talent for misreading the moment, and it already squandered more than a billion dollars of taxpayer money on its badly timed Keystone XL bet. That talent was on display again recently, when Jobs and Economy Minister Doug Schweitzer talked up his efforts to attract cryptocurrency companies to Alberta right […]

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Jan 24 2022 — Michael Harris

It was a bad week for misbehaving political elites. Take Jason Kenney, temporarily Alberta’s premier until next year’s election. He was already on a bullet-train to oblivion for a host of tawdry scandals and poor decisions, including botching the response to the pandemic. Remember, this is the guy who told Albertans that the summer of […]

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Jan 24 2022 — Peter MacKay

For some time now, it has seemed as if Canada’s foreign policy approach toward China has been similar to that old Abbott and Costello baseball shtick of “Who’s on First?” That is to say, Ottawa’s strategy, insofar as one can even call it that, has been a circular, confusing and nonsensical parody. The major difference […]

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Jan 23 2022 — Robin V. Sears

I suspect being a senior immigration official is only marginally less boring than being a night watchman, and that might sour their view of the world. Nonetheless, on three continents over several decades it has been my experience that those who control the visa stamps are all conditioned to find a way to say “No,” […]

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Jan 22 2022 — Chantal Hébert

Let’s talk first about the old dog that has so far failed to bark. When the reassignment late last year of a Quebec elementary school teacher for wearing a hijab prompted various non-Quebec mayors to support the fight against the province’s Bill 21 with taxpayers’ dollars, many believed the initiative would backfire. In the face […]

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