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Liberals announce legislation to set stage for digital services tax

Nov 28 2023 — Peter Zimonjic

The Liberal government announced legislation Tuesday that will pave the way for the implementation of a digital services tax, but it contains no date for when the tax will come into effect. The government first pledged in 2020 to bring in a digital services tax (DST) on big tech companies. The tax would apply to […]

Nov 24 2023 —

Canada’s Hub for Political News Since 2006 National Newswatch has been with you since 2006, bringing trusted, impactful news and opinion that touches Canadian politics and the lives of Canadians. For Canada’s decision-makers, those of you around them, and our country’s most engaged citizens, we’re proud to be with you each day – and take […]

Nov 28 2023 — Neil Moss

With a bill to implement a revised Canada-Ukraine trade deal moving through the House amid partisan mudslinging, experts are lambasting the Conservatives for elevating a domestic political dispute to the international arena. Bill C-57, to implement the Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement, passed clause-by-clause consideration at the House International Trade Committee on Nov. 28, with support […]

Trudeau, please take a walk in the snow

Nov 28 2023 — Derek Burney

The wheels are coming off the Trudeau government and the chorus calling for the Prime Minister to resign is mounting, including among senior Liberals. Senator Percy Downe, formerly Jean Chrétien’s Chief of Staff, said resignation would be “a prudent course of action.”

Nov 28 2023 —

The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) is now the most lucrative provincial cannabis agency in Canada, thanks to four consecutive profitable years selling recreational cannabis. Yet throughout that time, it puzzlingly paid no dividends to Ontario’s government. OCS ended the last fiscal year with $459 million of accumulated profit in the bank. That makes no sense. […]

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Nov 28 2023 —

The hiring of 900 temporary foreign workers to install equipment at the flagship EV factory in Windsor, Ont., will cost Canadian skilled construction workers around $300-million in lost wages and contractor fees, the leader of Canada’s Building Trades Unions says. In an interview with The Globe and Mail, executive director Sean Strickland said local Windsor […]

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Nov 27 2023 — Tonda MacCharles

Tempers flared in the House of Commons Monday over insults hurled across the aisle that MPs argued went beyond the usual nasty and partisan bounds, and the Speaker struggled to impose order. The Liberal government House Leader Karina Gould suggested the Conservatives’ vote against a free-trade deal with Ukraine was driven by a “pro-Russian and […]

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Soon, the only way to enjoy British Cheese may be as a memory

Nov 28 2023 — Lisa MacNeil

Red Fox has a uniquely nutty flavour. Blue Stilton is zesty and satisfying. English Cheddar is creamy, grassy, and tastes different than the Canadian cheddar you find in supermarkets. Enjoy them while you can, because, thanks to glacially slow trade negotiations between Canada and the U.K., they may all soon be distant memories. As Canadian […]

Canada, the land of imported ethnic conflicts

Nov 28 2023 — Tasha Kheiriddin

Immigration built Canada: does it now risk tearing our country apart? That is the troubling takeaway from a Leger report published this weekend in the National Post. The research firm asked 1,500 Canadians their opinions about protests in Canada related to the Hamas-Israel War, as well as the recent spike in hate crimes. Their answers […]

If diversity is our strength, then why are diaspora news outlets being silenced?

Nov 28 2023 — Michelle Rempel Garner

There’s a dangerously naïve sentiment among some that Canada’s pluralism is immune from erosion. But in reality, Canadians from virtually every nation on the earth, of every political persuasion and religion, living side by side in peace is not something that magically happens. It takes constant work, strong leadership and information to understand the context […]

Is this fight over clean electricity regulations really necessary?

Nov 28 2023 — Aaron Wherry

One Tuesday afternoon last month — when nearly everyone was focused on the Middle East — Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson stood beside New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs and Nova Scotia Premier Tim Houston at a news conference in Ottawa to announce the signing of a “joint policy statement on developing and transmitting clean, reliable […]

Today in Canada’s Political History: Newly-appointed Canadian Ambassador to Washington, Allan Gotlieb, contemplates his future

Nov 28 2023 — Arthur Milnes

Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau had just appointed Allan Gotlieb, the Undersecretary of State for External Affairs, as Canada’s Ambassador in Washington. In the privacy of his diary (later published) the new Canadian representative to the USA was thinking of his future before even departing the nation’s capital for embassy row in D.C. “Last days in […]

Nov 27 2023 — Sylvia Sutherland

For all of us, some weeks are simply better than others. Just ask Pierre Poilievre, leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. Last week was not a good week for him. If he thought it was, he has my sympathy. I mean, it can hardly have been encouraging to hear journalist Andrew Coyne tell […]

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Nov 27 2023 — Jen Gerson

At the beginning of November, Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly gave a hallmark speech at the Economic Club of Canada. It was the kind of keynote address that must be parsed to grasp our government’s thinking about the state of the world and our nation’s role in it. Yet the line that jarred me most […]

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