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Even Without An Election, Trudeau Hits The Campaign Trail (Analysis)

Oct 22 2020 — Althia Raj

id absent Tory MPs help guarantee the Liberal government’s survival? Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau might have hit the campaign trail today, but the opposition ensured he wouldn’t get the chance. He wouldn’t have had the travelling national media in tow but virtual visits to three battleground ridings the Liberals hoped to hang onto might have […]

Oct 22 2020 —

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole said his party doesn’t have confidence in the Liberal government, but that doesn’t mean every issue needs to turn into a confidence vote. Yet his party is using its second chance this week to set Parliament’s agenda to propose a motion calling for a sweeping probe by the House of Commons […]

Oct 22 2020 — Aaron Wherry

This week’s excitement ended quietly on Wednesday afternoon, brought to a formal conclusion by a vote of 180 nays to 146 yeas. The defeat of the Conservative motion — with the New Democrats and Greens joining the Liberals in opposing the proposal for what was originally billed as an “anti-corruption committee” — forestalls the immediate […]

Navy investigating unexplained breakdown on brand-new Arctic patrol vessel

Oct 22 2020 —

The Royal Canadian Navy says it is investigating an unexplained breakdown on its brand-new, $400-million Arctic patrol ship. The problem first emerged last week as HMCS Harry DeWolf’s crew was training off the coast of Halifax, two and a half months after Irving Shipbuilding delivered the vessel to the Navy. Commodore Richard Feltham, commander of […]

Oct 22 2020 — Alex Boutilier

The Canadian Armed Forces has launched an internal probe into suggestions that one of its members belongs to a neo-Nazi extremist group and attempted to join militant white supremacists in the U.S. In leaked audio recordings obtained by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the unidentified man — who goes by the name “Dakov” — claims […]

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Oct 21 2020 — Jesse Snyder

Political strategists say the NDP under Jagmeet Singh risks falling into the role of permanent Liberal prop-up after the party on Wednesday again voted alongside the government to avoid triggering an election. Singh and 23 other NDP members voted against a Conservative motion on Wednesday that would form a committee to investigate the Liberal government’s […]

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Surprise! Trudeau, even more than Harper, is the master of parliamentary manipulation

Oct 21 2020 — Don Martin

There was always a faint ray of hope that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would actually live up to his promise to do politics differently after the soul-wearying years under control freak Stephen Harper. Cross-party co-operation, transparency, respect for Parliament, MP empowerment and merit-based, non-partisan appointments all headlined the Trudeau kumbaya playbook. But it’s been five […]

Five things we learned from the folly in the Commons on Wednesday

Oct 22 2020 — John Ivison

The folly around the confidence vote the Liberals survived in the House of Commons on Wednesday has never been more disconnected from the stress being endured by citizens, whose movement and ambitions have been constrained by the pandemic. A candidate who proposed to bar from public office anyone who expressed a desire to be a […]

For a violence-free future, we need to address online hate speech

Oct 22 2020 — Maya Roy

“It needs to stop.” Minister Catherine McKenna said it best last year when she described an incident of hate speech she experienced on the job. Unfortunately, hate speech, especially online, hasn’t abated. It’s worsened. In fact, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United Nations is reporting that online hate speech against Asian, Black, Indigenous, Jewish, Muslim and […]

Today’s question: What is Trudeau hiding?

Oct 22 2020 — Lorrie Goldstein

Now that the prospect of a snap federal election is over, let’s review the extraordinary measures Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has used in his ongoing efforts to prevent the release of government documents — public documents — the opposition parties and Canadians have a right to see. First, Trudeau prorogued Parliament on Aug. 18.

To prevent a ‘lockdown generation’, young women and non-binary youth must have a seat at the table for economic recovery

Oct 22 2020 — Anjum Sultana and Bailey Greenspon

October is Women’s History Month,  and to kick off the month on October 11th we celebrated the International Day of the Girl. The theme this year by the United Nations was ‘My voice, our equal future’. As we reflected on the theme, we realized that there are opportunities in our post-pandemic recovery to centre the perspectives of […]

Justin Trudeau, wondering what he has to lose

Oct 20 2020 — Paul Wells

Why is the PM staring down the opposition with an election threat? Maybe because as far as he’s concerned, Parliament sucks. In the House of Commons, a place he’s never liked or felt at ease, Justin Trudeau looked serene. Opposition MPs were lining up to accuse the Prime Minister of wanting an election. Trudeau and […]

Oct 21 2020 — Andrew Coyne

“Do we really want a committee,” an incredulous Pablo Rodriguez, Government House Leader, asked reporters on Tuesday, “that has the power to force the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister, all ministers, to drop their work, the important work they’re doing and come testify?” There you have the nub of the question, at least as […]

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Oct 21 2020 —

While the mantra for the COVID-19 crisis has been “let’s build back better,” it will be impossible to do so without acknowledging that this pandemic has hit demographic groups unequally. Immigrant women faced many challenges in the workforce before COVID, but this pandemic has had a way of further exacerbating existing social and economic inequities. […]

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Oct 21 2020 — Maura Forrest

TRANSITION PLAN — Who has Joe Biden’s ear? With the countdown on to Election Day, that’s what Canadian officials are trying to find out. Biden may not take Trump’s bare-knuckle approach to U.S.-Canada relations, but that doesn’t mean a Biden presidency would be smooth sailing, what with his “Buy American” pledges and the Democrats’ tradition […]

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Oct 21 2020 — John Milloy

In terms of Canadian politics, something extraordinary happened recently. Three MPs, from three different political parties, came together to have a positive discussion about what unites them and how they can work together. In our hyperpartisan world, this alone might be notable. But what really made this inspired was the vehicle they identified to achieve […]

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Oct 19 2020 — Glen Pearson

Two weeks until election day and everyone is still holding their breath.  2016 taught everyone to distrust the national polls as it became clear that Americans were in a surly mood, providing Donald Trump the ultimate victory.  But this year, especially at the state level, Joe Biden and the Democrats appear to be riding some […]

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Oct 20 2020 — Michael Smyth

Vancouver is one of Canada’s most beautiful cities, framed by breathtaking mountains and sparkling seas, and blessed with the country’s mildest climate as a bonus. But there’s a dark side to the Pacific coast postcard: grinding poverty, growing homelessness and Canada’s worst drug-overdose epidemic, problems made progressively worse by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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