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Sep 25 2023 —

Police have launched an investigation into a poster inviting “proud parents of European children” to participate in racially segregated playtime in B.C.’s Lower Mainland. The invitation advertises “whites-only” gatherings for mothers in the Tri-Cities of Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody who are “looking for somewhere your children can play with others that look like […]

What happens if the House of Commons speaker resigns?

Sep 25 2023 — Kady O'Malley

Without commenting on whether or not the suddenly embattled House of Commons Speaker Anthony Rota should step down over his ill-advised, albeit allegedly entirely inadvertent, decision to pay a very public tribute to a constituent who fought in a Ukrainian military unit under the command of the Nazis during World War II, Process Nerd can, […]

Liberal MPs were ‘very, very tough’ and gave ‘straight goods’ to Trudeau at caucus meeting in London, Ont.

Sep 25 2023 — Abbas Rana

The national Liberal caucus that met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau behind closed doors two weeks ago in London, Ont., for its summer retreat “blasted” senior staff in the Prime Minister’s Office, some cabinet ministers, and their chiefs of staff for their attitude toward backbenchers, and expressed disappointment that the party has not defined Conservative […]

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Challenging times ahead for Trudeau, Poilievre, and Singh

Sep 25 2023 — Michael Harris

After the first week back in Parliament, it is obvious that all three leaders of the national parties have their work cut out for them. The prime minister has the most obvious problem. Justin Trudeau’s press these days reads like a savage review of a Broadway flop. Maybe he’s playing rope-a-dope with Conservative Leader Pierre […]

“Dupe culture” and other indicators of womenflation: this fall’s hot political trend

Sep 24 2023 — Michelle Rempel Garner

Over the summer, something remarkable happened. Women, across every voting demographic, started migrating their voting intention away from the Liberal government. But that trend shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that economic data from that period suggests that high interest rates and sustained high inflation – particularly in the cost of fuel and groceries – […]

Tories’ silence is golden on trans issues, but might not be sustainable

Sep 25 2023 — Sheila Copps

Protests and counter-protests on the rights of children to use their chosen pronouns were held across the country last week. New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh led a counter-protest in Ottawa, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took to X (formerly Twitter) to condemn “hate and its manifestations,” and reiterate his support for the 2SLGBTQ+ community […]

A Zero-Sum Mindset and Canadian Politics & Business

Sep 24 2023 — David Coletto

I get to ask thousands of Canadians, hundreds of questions each week and I’ve been doing this for 13 years now at Abacus Data. At no point in that time have I seen the kind of shifts and surprising results in our surveys than I do today. Take for example the rapid shift in vote […]

It’s Trudeau’s world and the Liberals are trapped in it

Sep 24 2023 — Lorrie Goldstein

The problem for the Liberals these days is that they’re trapped in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s world and it’s imploding around them. An illustration of this is an interview Immigration Minister Marc Miller did last week with The Hill Times in which he called Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre a “charlatan”, “snake-oil salesman”, “classless jackass” and […]

Sep 24 2023 — Arthur Milnes

Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister paid tribute to the 17th Prime Minister on this date in 2020 in the House of Commons. John Napier Turner, a cabinet minister under Lester Pearson and Pierre Trudeau, who served as PM in 1984, had passed into history only a few days before. You can read Justin Trudeau’s tribute below. Arthur Milnes is […]

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Sep 22 2023 — Aaron Wherry

Roland Paris, a professor of international affairs at the University of Ottawa and a former adviser to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, was testifying before a Senate committee studying Canada’s foreign service last year when a Conservative senator pressed him to agree with a long indictment of recent Canadian foreign policy. “Canada is not alone in […]

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Sep 23 2023 — Arthur Milnes

It was a tough-talking Sir Wilfrid Laurier who spoke to a gathering of the  Methodist General Conference being held in Ottawa on this date in 1914. The First World War had started a month previously with the German invasion of Belgium. Germany’s attach was in violation of the Treaty of London, which guaranteed the neutrality […]

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Sep 22 2023 — Andrew Coyne

The tendency of our current politics to view absolutely everything through the lens of partisanship has rarely been on better display than in the aftermath of the Prime Minister’s dramatic announcement in Parliament Monday: that Canadian intelligence officials were pursuing “credible allegations” of Indian involvement in the assassination of a Canadian Sikh leader, Hardeep Singh […]

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Sep 22 2023 — Heather Mallick

Wednesday’s cross-Canada “gender ideology” protests and counterprotests about schools and sex education et al were something of a flop. That’s more of a compliment than an insult. Good: They were mostly peaceful, which is a triumph given that current gender quarrels are an American construct born of MAGA Republicans and thus about right vs. wrong […]

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