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Jan 21 2020 —

Former Quebec premier Jean Charest’s decision to bow out of the Conservative leadership race is a turning point in a contest expected to heat up throughout the week as the party prepares for the return of the House of Commons. Charest was a high-profile potential contender and his announcement Tuesday that he won’t seek leadership […]

First remains repatriated to Canada following Iran plane crash

Jan 21 2020 — Rachel Gilmore

The remains of one Canadian who was killed in the Iran plane crash have been repatriated, Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne confirmed Tuesday. The remains are the first to be repatriated since 57 Canadian citizens were killed when an Iranian surface-to-air missile struck a Ukrainian aircraft over Tehran on Jan. 8. Twenty-nine permanent residents of […]

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Chrétien’s China and Trudeau’s

Jan 21 2020 — Paul Wells

It was helpful last week of Jean Chrétien’s former right hand Eddie Goldenberg to make, in detail, a case several of his contemporaries have been making piecemeal for more than a year: that taking Canada’s extradition treaty with the United States won’t get Canadian prisoners in Beijing released, so we should just do what Beijing […]

How did VW avoid criminal charges in Canada over its emissions cheating?

Jan 21 2020 — Stephen Maher

When Volkswagen Canada pleads guilty on Wednesday to illegally importing cars that were rigged to beat emissions tests, investigators and prosecutors may be tempted to celebrate. This is expected to be the biggest environmental fine in Canadian history. Volkswagen is facing 60 charges and each charge carries a maximum penalty of $6 million, so the […]

Calm down Trudeau haters, Tim Hortons is not a national treasure

Jan 21 2020 — Emma Teitel

Social media can be a drag but there’s no denying that it’s made a lot of remarkable things possible: it’s launched political revolutions, given a voice to the voiceless, and as we saw this week, enabled yet another incident of misplaced outrage, this one involving a Prime Minister and several boxes of doughnuts. Call it […]

Canada could use a PM like Rona Ambrose

Jan 21 2020 — Kelly McParland

Just in case no one has made it clear to her yet, which seems unlikely, there are compelling reasons Rona Ambrose should quit stalling and seek the leadership of the Conservative party. She has been under pressure for some time, and is obviously torn, given that she hasn’t rejected the idea yet, even if it […]

Sask. election may mark a turn to the nasty

Jan 21 2020 — Murray Mandryk

It’s still unlikely to come anything close to the nastiness we will see south of the border this fall, or even the unpleasantry we saw last fall in our nation. The 2020 U.S. Presidential election will be something to behold, given the nasty political times and given that America is experiencing one of the most […]

Jan 20 2020 — Dan Leger

The campaign for the Conservative Party leadership officially is on, with more on the line than a job for one person yearning to become prime minister. In many ways, Canada’s idea of democracy is at stake. Unlike ever before, Conservatives face choices about what their party stands for and where it is headed. Will Conservatives […]

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Jan 20 2020 — Mark Goldberg

In an article in the Financial Post this past Friday, an economist calculates that Canadians’ mobile bills include a hidden tax of 12-16% to cover the fees paid by carriers to the government for spectrum. Robert Crandall calculates the spectrum fees paid by Canadian carriers to be 4 times what European carriers are paying, adding more than […]

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Jan 20 2020 — David Olive

It’s likely that sometime this year, control of the $13-billion Trans Mountain pipeline, one of the biggest megaprojects in Canadian history, will be transferred to First Nations investors. That transaction would be a historic turning point in relations between the First Nations and non-Indigenous peoples of Canada.

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Jan 19 2020 —

It is always surprising there is such a wide gap between what journalist outsiders think goes into becoming a successful leader and what the partisans who must choose look for. You must be able to win over these activists, local leadership and, crucially, caucus members to move from convention fluke victor to long-term success. The […]

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Jan 19 2020 — Penny Collenette

While most of the country continues to grieve with the families who have lost their loved ones in the hideous attack on Ukraine International Airlines flight 752, others will be focusing on foreign policy concerns when the House of Commons resumes sitting on Jan, 27. Simultaneously, the Conservative leadership race will be swinging into high […]

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Jan 17 2020 — Stephen Maher

If Western Canadian Conservatives don’t want Peter MacKay to lead the party that Stephen Harper built, they had better get a firmer grip on Rona Ambrose’s elbow, because otherwise MacKay is likely going to take over the party when Tories meet in Toronto in June. In-house polling from several other camps shows MacKay with a […]

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CFL reaches co-operative partnership agreement with Brazilian federation

Jan 21 2020 — The Canadian Press

TORONTO — Add Brazil to the CFL 2.0 initiative. The league announced Tuesday it has reached a partnership with the Confederacao Brasileira de Futebol Americano (CBFA). Brazil becomes the 13th country to sign a co-operative agreement with the CFL since November 2018. "It is an honour to be part of this exciting partnership," CBFA president Italo Mingoni said in a statement. […]


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