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Centre Ice Conservatives are warming the bench for now

Aug 13 2022 — Aaron Wherry

Speaking to a gathering of self-described “Centre Ice Conservatives” in Edmonton on Thursday, former British Columbia premier Christy Clark offered a tidy explanation for why the people in the room had come together. “When you look across the country, what we see are political leaders rushing to the fringes. Political leaders of all political stripes […]

Aug 13 2022 —

The federal government has quietly updated its rules at the border to allow fully vaccinated travellers entering through the land border a one-time exemption from fines or quarantine requirements if they unknowingly fail to submit the required health documents through the ArriveCAN app. In an email statement sent to on Saturday, the Canadian Border […]

Aug 13 2022 —

Canadians whose travel plans have been derailed by flight delays or cancellations say they’re losing patience with the agency responsible for enforcing compensation rules. The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) — a quasi-judicial tribunal and regulator tasked with settling disputes between airlines and customers — has been dealing with a backlog of air passenger complaints since […]

International partners had concern about Canada’s ‘ability to handle’ convoy protests

Aug 12 2022 —

Two days before the Emergencies Act was invoked last February to quell anti-government convoy protests, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned cabinet ministers that international partners were concerned Canada wasn’t able to control the situation. The warning is contained in heavily redacted summaries of three meetings of the government’s incident response group and one meeting of […]

Aug 12 2022 — Amanda Connolly

The federal government’s unprecedented decision to invoke the Emergencies Act came after suggestions of a potential “breakthrough” with demonstrators associated with the so-called “Freedom Convoy” came to naught. In a statement on Friday, a spokesperson for Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino confirmed a report first published by the Toronto Star on Thursday evening, acknowledging that […]

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Aug 12 2022 —

POLITICS 2h ago Canadian trade minister vows to keep pushing U.S. on global tax deal Stephen Wicary, Bloomberg News Now ShowingOECD Says 136 Nations Agree to Global Corporate-Tax Accord1:21 OECD Says 136 Nations Agree to Global Corporate-Tax Accord Up NextIreland relents to join global tax restructuring3:22 Ireland relents to join global tax restructuring Canada’s trade […]

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Aug 12 2022 — Ashley Burke

Police in Quebec City are reopening their investigation into an alleged group sexual assault eight years ago involving four players with the 2014 Gatineau Olympiques, according to the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. Karl Janhke, the hockey league’s chief marketing officer, said in a statement to CBC News that “we will offer our complete co-operation […]

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Aug 12 2022 —

A majority of Albertans aren’t sold on the idea of replacing the RCMP with a provincial police force, a recent survey suggests. Fifty-five per cent of Albertans oppose Alberta ditching the Mounties for its own police service, according to a Pollara survey commissioned by the National Police Federation, the union representing RCMP officers across the […]

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Aug 11 2022 — Alex Boutilier and Mercedes Stephenson

Canada’s national police force has briefed MPs about the risk that foreign states are using sophisticated spyware to intercept their electronic communications, Global News has learned. It’s not clear which states are believed to be spying on Canadian politicians, but the RCMP’s top national security official, Mark Flynn, told the House of Commons Ethics committee […]

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Today in Canada’s Political History: Churchill, FDR announce Atlantic Charter, after talks in Newfoundland

Aug 14 2022 — Arthur Milnes

The world’s eyes were on Placentia Bay, Newfoundland on this date in 1941 where U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill had held talks the previous three days. They signed the Atlantic Charter which was announced to the world on August 14, 1941. The agreement made it clear that FDR and America […]

With the Centre Ice Conservatives

Aug 11 2022 — Paul Wells

It’s hardly the first time some people got together in Canada and said, “Let’s not.” According to legend, the country itself was founded, in part, by opters-out. At the time they were called United Empire Loyalists. They found George Washington and his lot a bit rambunctious. Their influence persists. On Thursday the Loyalists’ spiritual descendents […]

Vicious online attacks won’t silence voices in Canadian media

Aug 12 2022 — Donovan Vincent

When it comes to the news and information we consume these days, there’s a broader variety of voices and viewpoints — female, Black, Asian, Muslim, Indigenous, members of the LGBTQ community, etc. — than was the case when I first entered journalism many years ago. Canadians have benefited immensely from this change, in my opinion. […]

ArriveCAN’s a menace. It needs to be shelved

Aug 11 2022 — Sabrina Maddeaux

The ArriveCAN app has gone from bad to worse. It was once merely annoying and cumbersome, like having to babysit a too-drunk friend. It’s now a constitutional threat, more like your sloshed buddy, having declared himself Batman, commandeering a police van and “apprehending” passersby.

The first step for Ontario’s Health Minister is admitting the system is in crisis

Aug 11 2022 — Robyn Urback

The vacuously comforting, deceptive words Ontario Health Minister Sylvia Jones uttered in response to the crisis plaguing the province’s health care system should be blasted over loudspeakers across Ontario’s emergency rooms (the ones that are still open). “Let’s be clear: There is not a crumbling system in the province of Ontario.” Her voice will bellow […]

Recruiting and training is the number one concern for SMEs

Aug 12 2022 — Malika Asthana

Rising inflation. Increasing fuel costs. Supply chain backlogs. The list of issues facing businesses in 2022 is growing and while these challenges require solutions, the reality is they’re also adding to problems that already exist. Take for instance the growing talent gap – the distance between the skills that employees have and those they want […]

Aug 10 2022 — Bob Rae

The death this week of former foreign affairs minister Bill Graham has rightly given rise to many tributes and prompted the sharing of many memories. After a number of health challenges, Bill’s passing was not a complete shock, but for many of us, especially his wife Cathy, his family and many close friends, it has […]

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Aug 11 2022 — Mark Winfield

Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives went into the 2018 Ontario election campaign promising, among other things, to fix the province’s “hydro mess.” In practice, fixing the hydro “mess” turned out to be a lot more complicated than it sounded. In the end, the first Ford government did little more than double down on its Liberal predecessor’s […]

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Aug 9 2022 — Dominic Cardy

There is a void at the heart of Canadian politics. If we don’t fill it, we will lose our country. Turning from the political centre, drawn by the Siren howl of extremists, amplified by social media and the tone-deafness of our elites, our incredibly complex and delicate society will crack, break, and collapse on the […]

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Aug 13 2022 — Arthur Milnes

Today we mark the birth, in Reading, UK, on this date in 1823, of Goldwin Smith, an academic and intellectual who was one of the most important voices (for good and ill) in late 19th century English Canada.  He arrived in Canada after teaching at Cornell University, in New York, and following a successful career […]

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Aug 9 2022 — Glen Pearson

There will be an abundance of responses and memories shared this week prompted by the passing of former Liberal interim leader Bill Graham.  They will be honest, heartfelt, and uniquely welcome in a season where politics has become something Graham himself would have never been suited for. As a humble contribution to all the tributes […]

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Aug 11 2022 — Arthur Milnes

Prime Minister John Diefenbaker and his government made Canadian bilingualism history on this date in 1958. Dief, who had swept Quebec just months before, fulfilled an election promised he had made to French Canadians. The unilingual Prime Minister stood in the House on this date in 1958 and tabled the following motion, destined to be […]

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LAPD ends investigation into Anne Heche car crash

Aug 14 2022 —

The Los Angeles Police Department has ended its investigation into Anne Heche’s car accident, when the actor crashed into a Los Angeles home on Aug. 5. Heche, 53, is brain dead and on life support, pending evaluation for organ donation. “As of today, there will be no further investigative efforts made in this case,” the […]


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