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Justin Trudeau the frequent focus of Saanich shooter Instagram posts

Jul 3 2022 —

A now-deleted Instagram feed of one of the Saanich bank shooter suspects contains posts containing anti-government, and pro-gun content. Twenty-two-year-olds Isaac and Mathew Auchterlonie are the two suspects identified by RCMP. They were twin brothers, who former classmates say went to Frances Kelsey Secondary School in Mill Bay.

Jul 2 2022 — Chris Hall

In his final column as host of The House, Chris Hall talks with three political strategists to examine the intersection between two of his favourite subjects: politics and baseball. There’s a saying that life imitates art. But for my money, there’s another comparison that’s equally true. Politics imitates baseball. Here’s the pitch. Politics and baseball […]

Celebrations, protests take place on Canada Day in Ottawa

Jul 1 2022 —

Thousands of people wearing red and white and waiving Canadian flags packed downtown Ottawa to celebrate Canada’s 155th birthday on Friday, while a group of protesters marched through the streets near Parliament Hill to protest COVID-19 vaccines and federal restrictions. It’s the first in-person Canada Day in Ottawa in three years, after COVID-19 restrictions forced […]

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Federal gridlock is a threat to national unity

Jul 3 2022 — André Pratte

Like most Canadians, Quebecers have relatively few interactions with the federal government. When constituents face difficulties, they usually call their provincial representative, rather than their MP. Most “close-to-people” government services — health care, schools, day cares, etc. — are delivered by the provincial government, while Ottawa deals with things like passports, customs, immigration and employment […]

Maple-flavoured paranoia

Jul 1 2022 — Colin Horgan

American-style discourse has infected Canada through social media. Now what? “Canadian politicians, MPs, you guys are wearing panic buttons. That says a lot. When a government is afraid of its own citizens, they are not long for this world,” prolific Tik Tok-er tomtheproudcanadian21.2 ranted a couple of days ago, before quoting the 5th of November […]

Seizing Russian Assets: Canada has the Spirit of International Law on its Side

Jul 2 2022 — Robert J. Currie

As has been widely reported, the House of Commons recently passed Bill C-19, a budget implementation act that also contains measures empowering the Canadian government to create special economic sanctions related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This mechanism originated in work done by the World Refugee & Migration Council (WRMC), which underpinned a bill of […]

The Prime Minister is credibly accused of interfering in a criminal matter for political purposes? You don’t say!

Jun 30 2022 — Andrew Coyne

What to think? Whom to believe? Did Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and former minister of public safety Bill Blair pressure the commissioner of the RCMP to interfere, for political purposes, in the force’s investigation of the worst mass murder in Canadian history? Did the commissioner in fact interfere? You be the judge. On the one […]

Time for RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki to tell the whole story

Jun 30 2022 — Campbell Clark

There’s something crucial missing: an explanation from RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki. It can’t wait much longer. The allegation that the Liberal government pressured the RCMP to release information about the investigation into the Nova Scotia shootings of April 18 to 19, 2020, in order to advance their gun-control agenda is now boiling down to two […]

One year later: Net-zero isn’t possible without real investment

Jul 1 2022 — Peter Doyle

One year ago, the Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act became law. The legislation commits the federal government to the ambitious goal of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. To meet its target, the government has called upon public and private stakeholders to join in this mission. Innovating and enabling the energy sector to meet […]

Jun 29 2022 — Bob Hepburn

Pierre Poilievre has always appalled me. But as Canada Day approached and Ottawa braces for more “freedom” protests on Parliament Hill that Poilievre unreservedly supports, I grow even more appalled. That’s because the Conservative leadership race front-runner either somehow truly believes in the crazy ideas and causes that he spouts, or he’s a dishonest non-believer […]

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Jun 29 2022 — Eric Blais

Jenni Byrne, the political strategist, former advisor to Stephen Harper, former Principal Secretary to Doug Ford, former girlfriend of Pierre Poilievre (according to her Wikipedia profile), and now one of the advisors helping him become Canada’s next PM, once referred to Maxime Bernier’s supporters as “radically normal” folks on Amanda Galbraith’s Political Traction podcast. As […]

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Jun 29 2022 — Erica Rayment and Melanee Thomas

Remote participation can make parliament more inclusive.   After two years of pandemic-enforced remote work, many workplaces across Canada are determining the ideal balance between in-person and remote work. Parliament must do the same. When the House of Commons rose for the summer, Canada’s Members of Parliament lost the option to participate virtually in a […]

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Jun 29 2022 — Marjory LeBreton

The Conservative Party of Canada is in the throes of an identity crisis. I have been a Conservative all of my adult life, witnessing firsthand the party’s evolutions and iterations over 60 years. Throughout that time – as I went from being a secretary at party headquarters and in John Diefenbaker’s office through years as […]

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CBC makes changes at ‘The National’ ahead of free streaming channel launch

Jun 30 2022 —

CBC News is shaking up the anchor roles at “The National” as it plans to launch a free 24-hour live streaming channel this fall. The news division of public broadcaster announced several changes Thursday that would help usher in an ad-supported streaming channel. It does not yet have a launch date for the platform. Among […]


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