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Military’s former head of HR charged with sexual assault, indecent acts

Dec 7 2021 — Ashley Burke

Vice-Admiral Haydn Edmundson, the military’s former commander in charge of military human resources, has been charged with sexual assault and committing indecent acts. The Canadian Forces National Investigation Service (CFNIS) laid the Criminal Code charges today. “As the matter is now proceeding through the civilian justice system, no further information can be released at this […]

Dec 7 2021 — Peter Zimonjic

The Liberal government has tabled legislation to eliminate mandatory minimum penalties for a number of tobacco, firearms and drug offences. The bill would eliminate mandatory minimum penalties (MMPs) for 14 of the 67 offences in the Criminal Code that currently carry them — 13 for firearms offences and one for a tobacco offence. The bill […]

An exhausted diplomat and two ecstatic ex-hostages: Inside the emotional flight that brought the ‘two Michaels’ home

Dec 7 2021 — Tonda MacCharles

Canada’s outgoing ambassador to China, Dominic Barton, was running on about three hours’ sleep when he finally climbed aboard a plane in Tianjin. It was Saturday morning in China, still Friday night in Canada. On board were the “two Michaels” — Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor — free at last and en route home — […]

Dec 7 2021 — Rachel Gilmore

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is facing a major outage that’s impacting websites and services for universities, governments and companies, according to The Associated Press. The Associated Press is also impacted by the outage, they said in a tweet. Downdetector — a website that tracks outages — showed more than 24,000 incidents of people reporting issues […]

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Dec 7 2021 — Catharine Tunney

As Canada’s spy agency warns that China’s efforts to distort the news and influence media outlets in Canada “have become normalized,” critics are renewing calls for Ottawa to take a far tougher approach to foreign media interference. The warning is contained in briefing documents drafted for Canadian Security Intelligence Service Director David Vigneault in preparation […]

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Dec 7 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey

Today is Tuesday, which means Cabinet is meeting and the prime minister will sit through QP. Playbook is watching the first committee meetings of the session, where Liberals are in a hurry to shovel their post-election priorities through to t

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Climate change will cost us billions — and then it will get even worse

Dec 7 2021 — Heather Scoffield

There’s a harsh subtext to Peter Weltman’s finding that when climate disaster strikes Ontario, the cost to government-owned buildings will be in the billions of dollars. Weltman is the Ontario government’s fiscal accountability officer, the watchdog who answers legislators’ queries about spending and liabilities. He was asked two years ago to assess the implications of […]

PBO report reveals soaring government spending under the Liberals

Dec 7 2021 — John Ivison

A new report into Ottawa’s spending by the Parliamentary Budget Office suggests that economist Milton Friedman was not wrong when he said there is nothing so permanent as a temporary government program. The PBO looked at what are known as the “Supplementary B Estimates” – the latest submission to Parliament by the government, seeking approval […]

The climate committee double-double

Dec 6 2021 — Paul Wells

What’s the most important thing your workplace does? Maybe you work at a restaurant, so making food is a key to success. Maybe you’re in journalism, so you need to sell advertising. If you’re in trucking, logistics—keeping track of freight, fuel and carriers—might be what keeps you up at night. Have you ever considered splitting […]

This is an appropriate time for Dominic Barton to exit China

Dec 6 2021 — John Ivison

Dominic Barton said that his decision to step down as Canada’s ambassador in China is personal and not related to any policy friction with the government. That may well be the case — he declared his “core mission” was securing the release of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor from Chinese jails and he has good […]

The future of the Liberal Party—without Justin Trudeau

Dec 6 2021 — Paul Wells

The biggest question in Canadian politics in 2022 is whether Trudeau will still be PM when the year is done. The Grits may be forced to consider life after him—and what they even stand for without him. Trudeau and the newly sworn in ministers in Ottawa on Oct. 26, 2021 (Courtesy of Alex Tétreault/PMO) On […]

Canada needs to quit Queen Elizabeth

Dec 7 2021 — Max Fawcett

Should Canada get rid of the Royal Family? It’s the debate that, like the 95-year-old Queen herself, just keeps on going. Now, after the tiny country of Barbados kicked the monarchy to the curb, Canadians are asking whether we should do the same. According to a recent Angus Reid poll, more than half of us […]

There is no doubt the RCMP is a failed institution

Dec 6 2021 — Rose LeMay

It must be nice to not to fear the national police. It must be reassuring to have a level of trust in them. That trust is misplaced in the RCMP. Journalists Amber Bracken and Michael Toledano were arrested along with Sleydo’ and others working to protect the land against the Coastal GasLink Pipeline. The RCMP […]

Ban on conversion therapy is a momentous occasion for LGBTQ rights — and a vindication of pragmatic opposition

Dec 5 2021 — Jaime Watt

Like so many Canadians, I sat transfixed and seized with emotion on Wednesday, as Canada’s House of Commons unanimously passed legislation to ban the long discredited and violent practice of conversion therapy. It is rare for such an important issue to be handled with such grace in modern politics. Even more remarkable is what Canadians […]

Dec 5 2021 — Lorrie Goldstein

There are three things you can be sure of in life — death, taxes and that the federal Liberals will miss their next target on climate change. And last week, they did it again. Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault announced the Trudeau government will miss the very first deadline contained in its own legislation, the ironically […]

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Aug 31 2021 — Arthur Milnes

On August 31, 1987, the eyes of the French-speaking world were on Quebec City as Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, on behalf of Canada, hosted the Francophonie Summit. It was only the second time the summit had been held.  It was another example of Prime Minister Mulroney’s deft and more inclusive approach to federalism, with Quebec […]

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Dec 4 2021 — Althia Raj

It was a beautiful moment in the Commons this week as MPs from all parties cheered after the unanimous passage of Bill C-4, the ban on conversion therapy. Liberals crossed the aisle, shook hands with their counterparts. Political opponents hugged. Tears flowed. There was even dancing. For advocates who fought passionately to ensure other LGBTQ+ […]

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Oct 3 2021 — Arthur Milnes

Many – rightfully – argue that Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s greatest legacy is his reaching the famed Free Trade Agreement with the United States on this date in 1987. After tough negotiations with the Reagan Administration — who will ever forget the disputes, often played out in public, between Canada’s Chief Negotiator Simon Reisman and […]

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