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As summer approaches, Parliament is still at a crossroads

Jun 20 2021 — Aaron Wherry

When the second session of the 43rd Parliament began last September, Canada was said to be at a crossroads. Nine months later, it’s fair to say the country is still facing a fork in the road. That’s not because nothing has happened since then, but rather because so much remains unsettled. With a possible (and […]

Jun 19 2021 —

Over Seventy-five per cent of eligible Canadians have now received at least one jab of an approved COVID-19 vaccine while more than 20 per cent have been fully vaccinated. According to Vaccine Tracker Canada, the country hit its 75 per cent partially vaccinated threshold Friday evening with 25,029,378 shots administered. Hours later, on Saturday afternoon, […]

Jun 19 2021 — Chris Hall

For many Canadians, the ban on most travel to and from the United States — in place now for 15 months — borders on the excessive. Public Safety Minister Bill Blair says he gets it, even as he defends the decision to continue with the cross-border restrictions for at least another month. “Let me acknowledge […]

Jun 19 2021 — Jesse Snyder

After his department was found in contempt of Parliament for failing to provide top-secret documents to a special House committee, the head of Canada’s federal health agency said he now finds himself in an “extraordinary situation” unlike any he has witnessed in his nearly 30-year career. Iain Stewart, president of the Public Health Agency of […]

U.S. politicians fume over Canada’s extended border restrictions

Jun 18 2021 — Alexander Panetta

American politicians who are normally friendly to Canada are fuming over news that the border will remain closed to non-essential travel for at least another month. They decried the latest prolongation on Friday as overly cautious, unfounded in science and unclear. “I wish there was a more artful way to say this — but this […]

Transport minister condemns Iran over shootdown of Flight PS752

Jun 19 2021 — Ashley Burke

For the first time, Transport Minister Omar Alghabra publicly condemned Iran in a speech at a session of a UN aviation agency’s council on Friday, more than 17 months after the deadly shootdown of Flight PS752. It was the strongest language Alghabra has used to date while speaking in front of the International Civil Aviation […]

Jun 18 2021 — Tyler Dawson

After Linda O’Leary’s speedboat crashed into another boat on a lake in Ontario’s cottage country, O’Leary was “very hostile” towards police, an officer testified at trial on Friday. “She was very hostile towards us, she was not co-operative, she did not wish to speak with police any further and pretty well told us she was […]

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Jun 19 2021 — Steven Chase

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is defending his government’s decision to extend restrictions against non-essential travel to the United States for another month, saying Canada has not yet reached a safety threshold of first- and second-dose vaccinations. The Canada-U.S. border will remain closed to non-essential travel until July 21, the government announced on Friday, a renewal […]

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Weak-willed O’Toole ignores infrastructure bank boondoggle

Jun 20 2021 — Lorne Gunter

You can forgive yourself if you’ve never heard of the Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB); the largely useless, ultra-expensive federal government boondoggle set up by the Liberals to boost the economy by funding infrastructure projects – “green” projects preferred. Most people in the infrastructure industry have probably never heard of the CIB, or wish they hadn’t.

Linking Israel to apartheid now ‘acceptable’ anti-Semitism

Jun 20 2021 — Lorne Gunter

If former Green MP Jenica Atwin had tweeted the white supremacist slogan “the Jews will not replace us,” it’s a safe bet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would not have welcomed her into the Liberal Party of Canada. But because hers was the more politically acceptable tactic of describing Israel as an apartheid state, she was […]

Stop trying to elect senators, Alberta

Jun 18 2021 — Max Fawcett

Oil and gas have traditionally been Alberta’s primary exports, but bad political ideas are a close second. This year is set to produce a bumper crop of them, with a referendum on the federal equalization program scheduled for October and the ongoing silliness of the province’s “Fair Deal Panel” threatening to put things like an […]

Jun 17 2021 — Glen Pearson

So, it’s over.  Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin wrapped up their sessions in Geneva, Switzerland, and the deeper assessment of the American President’s foreign trip has begun.  He had quite a timetable: G7, Boris Johnson, Queen Elizabeth, the EU, NATO and, finally, the critical one-on-one with Putin. There are general developments that we can take […]

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Jun 17 2021 — Robert Ghiz

As Canada begins to emerge from the third, and hopefully last, wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many lessons that have been learned over the past year and half. Among these lessons, the pandemic has fostered a greater appreciation for the fixed and wireless broadband networks that allowed Canadians to stay connected, conduct business, […]

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Jun 15 2021 — Susan Delacourt

When exactly did Canada become a Constitution-bashing country? For nearly 30 years, the political class has adhered to an unwritten ban on talking about the Constitution. But that passive aggression seems to have given way recently to outright kicks at the constitutional can. Three provinces — Ontario, Quebec and Alberta — have taken some runs […]

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‘Springsteen on Broadway’ clears way for AstraZeneca recipients to attend show

Jun 19 2021 —

The theatre behind a Broadway production featuring Bruce Springsteen says it’s now able to welcome audience members who received the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. Jujamcyn Theaters had previously said audience members wishing to attend “Springsteen on Broadway” needed to be immunized with vaccines approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, leaving those who received AstraZeneca […]


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