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Conservative insiders say Scheer, party need to evolve on LGBTQ issues

Nov 20 2019 —

Two strategists says Conservatives won’t win another election until they amend their stance. Two Conservative strategists say both the party and leader Andrew Scheer need to modernize their approach to social issues if they want to convince more Canadians to vote for them. In an opinion piece published by the Globe and Mail on Wednesday, […]

Nov 20 2019 — Paul Wells

Today we have naming of parts. If you have a minister of middle-class prosperity and a minister of economic development and an entirely separate minister of rural economic development and a minister of workforce development—remember when the workforce was part of the economy? Ok, boomer—and a minister of small business and a minister of finance […]

Nov 20 2019 —

Chrystia Freeland named deputy PM in major shakeup that mirrors Liberal government’s priorities. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveiled his new cabinet today, bringing seven new faces to the table and tweaking the machinery of government to tackle western alienation and Liberal policy priorities such as fighting climate change, boosting the middle class and Indigenous reconciliation. […]

Nov 20 2019 — Daniel Leblanc and Robert Fife

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has unveiled a new cabinet that will rely heavily on Chrystia Freeland, the new deputy prime minister who will remain in charge of Canada-U.S. relations and add responsibility for working with the provinces as minister of Intergovernmental Affairs. In her role, Ms. Freeland will be in charge of legislation to ratify […]

Nov 20 2019 — Chris Hall

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals were shut out in Alberta and Saskatchewan last month, but the provinces got a shout-out in the cabinet choices the prime minister announced today. Lacking an MP from the region, Trudeau tried for the next best thing. He named two key ministers with ties to the two provinces, and positioned a former […]

Senate could have larger role with minority Parliament, says senator

Nov 20 2019 —

Canada’s Senate will have a new opportunity to evolve as it deals with a minority government in the House of Commons, says P.E.I. Sen. Percy Downe. Justin Trudeau removed senators from the Liberal caucus in 2014, saying he wanted senators to provide non-partisan input on federal policy. Since he became prime minister in 2015, senators […]

Trudeau turns to B.C. MP with Saskatchewan roots to helm tricky climate ministry

Nov 20 2019 —

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is turning to his only cabinet minister with roots in Saskatchewan to carry this country’s climate action plan further down the field without tearing the nation apart. Jonathan Wilkinson, a 54-year-old former cleantech CEO and Rhodes Scholar, is becoming the new environment minister today. He is succeeding Catherine McKenna, whose four […]

Nov 20 2019 —

The Duke of York is stepping back from royal duties for the “foreseeable future” due to the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. Prince Andrew said his links with the convicted sex offender had become a “major disruption” to the Royal Family. In a statement, he said he deeply sympathised with Epstein’s victims and “everyone who has been […]

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Nov 20 2019 —

The Rideau Hall Foundation isn’t renewing its agreement with Prince Andrew’s flagship entrepreneur project, Pitch@Palace, following the unfavourable reaction to the broadcast interview addressing his friendship with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. “The Rideau Hall Foundation’s agreement with Pitch@Palace is coming to an end, and it will not be renewed for 2020. Supporting innovation and entrepreneurship […]

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Nov 20 2019 — Alexander Panetta

Canada’s most important new trade agreement has turned into a political football in Washington’s all-consuming impeachment clash. Republicans and Democrats have both seized upon the not-yet-ratified Canada-U.S.-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) on trade to try to win the argument over who’s properly conducting the nation’s business amid the impeachment fight. Hanging in the balance of this partisan […]

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Nov 20 2019 — Alex Boutilier

The Liberal government has issued a broad new directive requiring more accountability from Canada’s domestic spy agency, the Star has learned. The updated rules require the Canadian Security Intelligence Service to be more upfront with its political masters on its operations and techniques, including informing the public safety minister before undertaking “high risk” intelligence operations. […]

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For the most part, bloated Trudeau cabinet is window dressing and little else

Nov 20 2019 — John Ivison

Just over four years ago, Justin Trudeau strode in late fall sunshine toward Rideau Hall like a conquering Roman general, flanked by his gender-balanced cabinet. By contrast, there was nothing triumphant about the way Trudeau’s ministers trudged toward the Governor-General’s residence to be sworn in on a chilly winter’s afternoon on Wednesday, their leader nowhere […]

Calling for a Better Future

Nov 20 2019 — Glen Pearson

Last year at this time everyone was talking about populism, the Alt-Right movement, authoritarianism and what seemed like the slide towards global anarchy.  These were, and remain, significant enough to undo more enfeebled democracies around the world.  While the outsized dealings of Donald Trump continue to sow confusion and alarm, other developed nations face their […]

Canada has lost its voice on human rights in China

Nov 19 2019 — Robyn Urback

It was just two years ago that the Trudeau government returned from Beijing empty-handed and rather sheepish. The trip, which came after a year of exploratory talks, had been widely expected to launch formal free-trade negotiations between Canada and China. Instead, the Prime Minister returned to Canada with the impotence of his “progressive trade agenda” […]

Jason Kenney needs to play it cool to deal with Wexit heat

Nov 18 2019 — John Ivison

What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate. Eastern Liberals like Kathleen Wynne on CTV’s Question Period spent the weekend accusing Alberta Premier Jason Kenney of “fanning the flames” of Western separatism. Those closer to the action could only shake their heads and point out that Kenney is Canada’s best hope for taking the […]

Nov 17 2019 — John Ibbitson

Do you favour activist progressive government? Well you’re about to get one whether you like it or not. After cordial meetings with Bloc Québécois Leader Yves-François Blanchet and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau clearly has a green light to move on an agenda centred on fighting climate change, spending heavily […]

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Nov 18 2019 — Sean Speer

The Council of the Federation meeting on December 2 will be an opportunity for provincial and territorial premiers to set aside their differences and coalesce around a set of shared priorities to advocate to the federal government. One key issue of common interest is Canada’s growing regional economic disparity in general and the urban-rural divide […]

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Nov 17 2019 — Penny Collenette

Justin Trudeau has never been the shy, retiring type. From his first national exposure when he gave the eulogy at his father’s funeral to his tenure as Canada’s prime minister, it’s clear he is a natural in the spotlight. Yet, it appears that Mr. Trudeau has changed since the October election. Gone are the photos […]

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Nov 17 2019 — Wyatt James Schierman

“He haunts us still.” Veteran political writers Christina McCall and Stephen Clarkson began their seminal biography entitled, Trudeau and Our Times: The Magnificent Obsession, using these words. The book was first published in 1990, many years after Pierre Trudeau’s formal retirement from politics. Nonetheless, the authors argue persuasively that the man still looms large in […]

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Nov 17 2019 —

Watching Bloc Quebecois Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet trash Alberta on climate change and its greenhouse gas emissions is like watching a child running down the hallway with scissors. The federal separatist leader (now there’s an oxymoron) revealed his ignorance last week when he lectured Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, and Albertans in general, on their land-locked oil […]

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