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Erin O’Toole vs. the Carbon Tax: It Looks like a Lonely Fight

Mar 29 2021 — — Erin O’Toole just can’t get a break. Around every corner, it seems, is a rock and a hard place. First, it was the tensions between so-cons and libertarians; then his own party kneecapped him on climate change; and now the Supreme Court of Canada threatens to ensure that his campaign to kill the carbon tax ends […]

Erin O’Toole’s Real Problem is His Party

Mar 23 2021 — — Last week, pundit panels were buzzing about what Erin O’Toole could say at the convention to attract new voters and rally the base. We now have the answer: nothing. Conservatives may be in trouble, but they don’t seem willing to do what they must to turn things around. The stark lesson from last week’s convention is […]

What Joe Biden’s “I Need You Speech” Says to Canadians About Democracy and Citizenship

Mar 16 2021 — — Following US President Joe Biden’s national address last Thursday, Scott Wilson of the Washington Post Tweeted that, in his view, Biden’s ‘I Need You’ speech was “the most memorable and unusual appeal in prime-time presidential speech making.” We’d add that the message is as relevant to Canadians – or Europeans or Australians – as to Americans. Here’s why.   Curing […]

Standing Up to the Bully: Can O’Toole Solve the China Problem?

Mar 4 2021 — — Canada’s relationship with China is in freefall. It’s not just the two Michaels: there’s the repression of the Uyghurs, unfair trade practices, industrial espionage, human rights violations in Hong Kong, and lots more. If Erin O’Toole is right, China is “the geopolitical challenge of our times.” The question is, does he – or anyone else – have […]

How Newfoundland’s Election Could Shape Canada’s Energy Future

Jan 23 2021 — — Fifteen years ago, Stephen Harper called Canada an emerging energy superpower. He was right. Today, we are the world’s sixth largest energy producer. But how will we rank 15 years from now, in the coming world of renewable energy? That’s a question that all Canadians should care about – and Newfoundland and Labrador may be […]

Doug Ford’s “Balancing” Act: How COVID-19 is Changing Politics

Dec 21 2020 — — Heading into the holidays, people may wonder whether any good thing could come from this pandemic. Well, here’s some good news. There are encouraging signs that COVID-19 is changing politics – for the better. Ontario Premier Doug Ford helps us see why.   Two Ways to Frame an Issue  At a press conference in early […]

Too Much freedom Is a Dangerous Thing: Will Jason Kenney Defeat Himself?

Nov 29 2020 — — Joe Biden didn’t win the US election; Donald Trump defeated himself – and he did it by denying the truth about the pandemic. Jason Kenney’s decision to become “the voice of liberty” as the virus rampages through Alberta seems to us strangely similar. Indeed, the premier’s rants are starting to sound like the caricatured Alberta […]