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It’s Justin Trudeau’s Turn to Speak

Mar 5 2019 — Don Lenihan — Last week, Jody Wilson-Raybould’s testimony rocked Ottawa like a Category 8 earthquake. Jane Philpott’s resignation is a second seismic event, possibly worse than the first. Trudeau’s challenge now is not just to respond to Wilson-Raybould, but to demonstrate that his government still has a moral compass. All eyes, of course, are on the Commons, where […]

Wilson-Raybould: Will she speak? What can she say?

Feb 9 2019 — Don Lenihan — Franz Kafa couldn’t script it better. The Trudeau PMO stands accused of interfering in a legal process and the former Attorney General is the only one who can clear the air; but she refuses to do so, citing solicitor/client privilege. Meanwhile, the prime minister, her client, twists in the wind yet, inexplicably, fails to waive […]

McCallum: not diplomacy, but maybe the truth…

Jan 26 2019 — Don Lenihan — He’s done it again. After retracting his original comments on Meng Wanzhou, John McCallum has weighed in a second time. Has he lost it? Maybe not. Maybe he is simply blurting out – however inarticulately – what the government can’t say out loud, namely, that in our rush to uphold the rule of law, Canadians […]

How Trudeau can sell the transition to a green economy

Jan 22 2019 — Don Lenihan — With an election on the horizon, Justin Trudeau wants to start planning our transition to a green economy and he’s asked Bill Morneau to develop an “economic argument” that will get Canadians on side. My advice is to start with the premise that we have no choice; responding to climate change really is a matter of […]