National Newswatch

Trudeau graces the world stage as Canada has a moment

Sep 20 2016 — Aaron Wherry — “Listen,” Justin Trudeau said, nearing the end of his first address on the world’s actual stage, “Canada is a modest country.” To demonstrate as much, he added three qualifiers for those before him at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday afternoon. “We know we can’t solve these problems alone,” he said. “We know we […]

Politicians are green until they’re intimidated by the electoral price

Sep 15 2016 — Don Pittis — You can boast to your grandchildren that you lived through a technological revolution. That is, if you’re lucky. But rather than speeding us through a capitalist-led transformation to a high-tech low-carbon economy, politicians seem to be getting cold feet, fearful that voters won’t accept the short-term pain of the costs involved. Everything sounded so different […]

A very short list of Canadian values

Sep 13 2016 — Neil Macdonald — The symbiosis between reporters and attention-seeking politicians has seldom been so nakedly obvious as in the past week. It was a slow news week in Ottawa, so the parliamentary press gallery went after the story about screening immigrants for “Canadian values” like a beagle on a hamburger. The Opposition MP who proposed it was no […]

3D-printed food — when will the laws take shape?

Sep 12 2016 — Amanda MacNaughton — 3D printing is the new buzz technology being used to replicate human tissues, fighter jet parts, and human prosthetics. The technology is also showing excellent potential in the food industry to create personalized foods that meet specific dietary needs for the elderly, individuals with digestive disorders and gastro-intestinal disease, and athletes. It can also be […]

Labelling of genetically modified foods

Sep 12 2016 — Katrina Coughlin — On July 29, 2016, President Obama signed controversial Bill 764 creating a federal labelling standard in the United States for food made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs), after both the Senate and Congress approved legislation requiring labeling on all foods to indicate whether or not the food contains GMO ingredients. The federal standard will override […]

Poloz has it mostly right but the future is complicated

Sep 6 2016 — Don Pittis — If you are a currency trader waiting for Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz to shake up the loonie this week, you’re likely out of luck. But behind the scenes, Poloz and his team will be working furiously to absorb some confusing new data. That includes signs of a long predicted shift in the Canadian […]

Trudeau must sleep with a different elephant than his father did

Aug 29 2016 — Don Pittis — In some ways, despite its long national history, China is like a feisty teen suddenly discovering enormous adult power. As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau travels to China this week in advance of the G20 meeting in Hangzhou, he must deal with a country, and a leader, of vast and growing strength. While his father spoke […]

Liberal caucus site Saguenay the textbook case for electoral reform

Aug 26 2016 — Eric Grenier — The Liberal caucus retreat continues today in Saguenay, Que. One of the topics bound to be discussed is electoral reform. Those discussions could not happen in a more appropriate place. The government has pledged that the 2015 federal election will be the last election decided by the first-past-the-post electoral system. A parliamentary committee has been […]

Avoiding crazy is Canada’s best economic strategy

Aug 9 2016 — Don Pittis — There has been much hand-wringing over last week’s gloomy economic statistics, but in a world that seems driven to find radical solutions to a host of difficult problems, Canada has an opportunity to distinguish itself. It is time to play the boring card.

The Party of Trump, the party of white America

Jul 18 2016 — Keith Boag — Republicans are experimenting with a new delusion this week. They are indulging the fiction that all the internal bother about their nominee is just the usual grumbling you always hear from sore losers when things don’t turn out for them. It was the same when Ronald Reagan was the nominee; the same when it was […]

Politicians must convince Canadians that trade deals pass jobless sniff test

Jul 8 2016 — Don Pittis — As Canada and the world struggle with an unemployment problem, something seems to have gone wrong with the free trade model. The conventional economic wisdom is that freer trade leads to greater global efficiency and thus to general prosperity. But the Brexit vote and rising anti-trade rhetoric from U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump are a […]