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Today in Canada’s Political History: Sir Mackenzie Bowell calls for the end of religious, racial, and cultural intolerance

Aug 27 2023 — Arthur Milnes — Former Prime Minister Sir Mackenzie Bowell distinguished himself on the floor of the Senate on this date in 1896. The Laurier government had just taken power after racial and religious strife had been on full display in the national election earlier that year. At issue was the Manitoba Schools issue which pitted Catholic against Protestant. […]

Today in Canada’s Political History: Elizabeth May elected Green Party leader

Aug 26 2023 — Arthur Milnes — Environmentalist Elizabeth May was elected Green Party leader on this date in 2006. Before entering the leadership race, she had headed the Sierra Club of Canada, and was a Conservative staffer in the office of a Tory Environment during the Mulroney years. May had also helped found the Canadian Environmental Defence Fund and had global experience working […]

Today in Canada’s Political History: Dief receives personal briefing from the US Secretary of State about Soviet military activities in Cuba

Aug 24 2023 — Arthur Milnes — President John F. Kennedy’s Secretary of State, Dean Rusk, visited Ottawa on this date in 1963. He was in Canada’s capital to brief Prime Minster John Diefenbaker on the Soviet Union’s recent military buildup on the island of Cuba. At this point, however, it was not known if the Soviets were moving missiles onto the […]

Today in Canada’s Political History: Christian Science Monitor reports many on the Liberal backbench wish PM Pierre Trudeau to resign

Aug 23 2023 — Arthur Milnes — It appeared that cracks were appearing on Pierre Trudeau’s backbench on this date in 1983. In light of devastating polls that showed Liberals trailing the new Tory leader Brian Mulroney and his party by 55 percent to a paltry 27 per cent for the Grits, six Liberal MPs had called publicly for Trudeau to step […]

Today in Canada’s Political History: Finance Minister Bill Morneau resigns from Justin Trudeau’s cabinet

Aug 17 2023 — Arthur Milnes — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lost his finance minister on this date with the resignation of Bill Morneau. He had been Trudeau’s first Minister of Finance, appointed to the all-important portfolio when the 23rd PM assumed office in 2015. Morneau was replaced by Chrystia Freeland. He later wrote a memoir detailing his policy differences with Trudeau and his […]

Today in Canada’s Political History: Andrew R. Wetmore appointed New Brunswick’s first Premier

Aug 16 2023 — Arthur Milnes — Andrew Wetmore had a lot to celebrate on August 16, 1867. Not only was it his birthday, it also happened to be the date he became New Brunswick’s first post-Confederation Premier. Wetmore had been against Confederation when he entered the Legislature, but switched to the pro-Confederation forces and found success. He would hold the post […]

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