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Attempts to expose former Conservative MP Tony Clement’s online sexual activities go back to last summer, women say

Nov 8 2018 — Alex Boutilier and Alex Ballingall — Two women who claim to have had intimate relationships with Tony Clement—one online, one in person—say the ousted Conservative parliamentarian was aware of attempts to expose his allegedly inappropriate behaviour toward women as early as last spring or summer. These accounts seem to contradict Clement’s initial public statement about when he became aware of an […]

Ottawa stands firm on carbon price after Doug Ford’s Ontario election win

Jun 8 2018 — Alex Boutilier and Alex Ballingall — The federal Liberals are prepared to impose a carbon price on Ontario if Doug Ford makes good on his promise to scrap the province’s cap-and-trade system. The potential for a climate change showdown between the federal government and Canada’s most populous province dominated Ottawa’s reaction to the Ontario election results Friday. Ford was elected on […]

National chief calls for ethics review into Sen. Beyak’s residential schools posts

Jan 5 2018 — Alex Boutilier and Alex Ballingall — The National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations is calling on the Senate ethics committee to “review” Lynn Beyak’s actions, after the controversial Ontario senator was booted from the Conservative caucus Thursday night. In an interview with the Star, Perry Bellegarde said Beyak’s decision to promote “racist and stereotypical attitudes” towards Indigenous peoples — […]

The next leader of the Conservatives is … one of these 14

Feb 18 2017 — Alex Boutilier and Alex Ballingall — A reality television personality and political outsider is the perceived frontrunner in a large field of experienced politicians, and to the party establishment’s surprise, could end up leading conservatives into the next election. Sound familiar? Surprisingly, that’s where the Conservative Party of Canada finds itself three months before members vote on who will replace Stephen […]

Trudeau insists election reform still on table

Dec 2 2016 — Alex Boutilier and Alex Ballingall — Trudeau suggested the “outburst” warranted the apology. “The fact is that Canadians expect that when someone behaves in a way that isn’t consistent with their expectations of themselves, or Canadians’ expectations of them, that they apologize.” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recommitted to electoral reform a day after Liberal MPs recommended abandoning his pledge to put […]