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Welcome to Ford Nation

Mar 11 2018 — Adrienne Batra — In the end, there was no balloon drop, there was no party, there was no picture of unity. But it didn’t matter, the PC Party of Ontario has chosen Doug Ford to lead them into the next election — a rather fitting end to a tumultuous few weeks. After a long day of drama, what […]

A lack of leadership

Feb 18 2018 — Adrienne Batra — “If the PC Party of Ontario can’t govern themselves, how do they expect to govern the province?“ The narrative writes itself for the Liberals. And they wouldn’t necessarily be wrong. For the last few weeks, the PC Party has been thrown into chaos following former leader Patrick Brown’s stunning, dead of the night resignation amid […]

Opportunity in chaos

Jan 28 2018 — Adrienne Batra — Conservative politics in Ontario just got interesting again. With all the drama that unfolded late last week, the shocking allegations levelled against Patrick Brown, his middle-of-the-night resignation, a new interim leader and now internal squabbling about next steps, the Tories are in desperate need of some adult supervision.

Playing with pension fire

May 31 2015 — Adrienne Batra — Who knew reforming the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) was suddenly on the federal Conservatives’ to do list? A cynic would rightly suggest there must be some politicking at play with a federal election on the horizon. Regardless, it is about time we had this discussion, which will have a significant impact on all Canadians. Federal […]

Liberals beating Ontario up

Apr 26 2015 — Adrienne Batra — Last year it was “Building Opportunity, Securing our Future”. Governments in general and the Ontario Liberals in particular, like to use words such as “build”, because it conjures up images in our minds that something responsible and worthwhile is being done with taxpayers’ money. But Ontarians are right to be skeptical about anything this government […]

Ghomeshi scared the CBC

Apr 19 2015 — Adrienne Batra — Failure. That one word sums up CBC management’s years of inaction regarding the abusive behaviour of their self-created “star” Jian Ghomeshi, former host of Q. Failure to act. Failure to protect. Failure to question. Failure to supervise. The failure of anyone to grow a pair in the behemoth public broadcaster and cut Ghomeshi down to […]

PC leadership contenders Elliott and Brown are slugging it out to the end

Apr 12 2015 — Adrienne Batra — The leadership contest for the Ontario Progressive Conservative party has entered the home stretch. Long-shot candidate Monte McNaughton, the Tory MPP from Lambton-Kent-Middlesex, who rocked the race with right-wing and at times head-scratching rhetoric, bowed out last week. This means a one-ballot victory for either Christine Elliott, the PC MPP from Whitby-Oshawa — the choice […]

Alberta and Quebec trade ​places on fiscal policy

Mar 29 2015 — Adrienne Batra — Two provinces tabled budgets last week and they happen to be the two provinces that most Canadians would think of as being opposites in every way. Alberta — the land of a low, single-rate tax, where former premier Ralph Klein paid off the province’s debt and conservative political dynasties are replaced by conservative political dynasties. […]

Is Wynne what we deserve?

Feb 22 2015 — Adrienne Batra — Ontarians knew the Liberals were scandal-plagued going into last year’s provincial election. We elected them anyway. Make it four. With Elections Ontario’s conclusion Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals apparently broke the Elections Act, the Grits are racking up more investigations into themselves than the Maple Leafs have wins of late. And how have Wynne’s scandal-plagued Liberals […]

The strange case of Eve Adams

Feb 15 2015 — Adrienne Batra — Call it Justin Trudeau’s very bad week. His bizarre decision to welcome controversial former Conservative MP Eve Adams into his Liberal caucus, and sanction her to contest the Liberal nomination in Toronto’s Eglinton-Lawrence riding, shows just how in over his head the leader of the third party is. To be sure, floor-crossing is nothing new […]

Show some leadership!

Feb 8 2015 — Adrienne Batra — What leadership is. It’s the line supporters of Premier Kathleen Wynne repeat ad nauseam. Wynne, they’ll say, is an example of “what leadership is”. She now has the opportunity — and obligation — to prove it. Her office has been caught up in a political scandal, allegedly making offers of jobs or appointments to get […]

Free pass for the House of Saud

Jan 25 2015 — Adrienne Batra — One of Shakespeare’s famous quotes about Julius Caesar seems appropriate in light of the death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.” The focus of his peers abroad is on the good Abdullah did, the bad — perhaps deliberately — […]

Premier Wynne’s role in Sudbury byelection questioned

Jan 18 2015 — Adrienne Batra — “Is there a tape?” I had to ask those dreaded words on more than one occasion during my time as a political staffer for former Toronto mayor Rob Ford. In the middle of a controversy or scandal, you get a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach just having to ask that question, to […]