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Conservative MP Tony Clement scales back duties, says he’s being extorted over sexually explicit images

Nov 7 2018 — Alex Boutilier — A Conservative MP is stepping down from Canada’s fledgling National Security Committee after he says he sent sexually explicit messages and a video to an unknown source. Tony Clement informed the Privy Council Office, the department that supports the prime minister, days ago that he had sent inappropriate text messages to someone he believed to […]

Conservatives preparing to battle with reporters as they go ‘for the jugular’ in the 2019 federal election campaign

Oct 26 2018 — Alex Boutilier — The Conservative party appears to be gearing up for a fight with news outlets as part of its 2019 electoral strategy. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s office has revamped its communications team to provide a more rapid response, war room-style operation. And they have not been shy about calling out reporting they don’t like.

CSIS sees ‘significant’ jump in far-right activity online

Oct 8 2018 — Alex Boutilier — One month after the deadly shooting rampage at the Grande mosquée de Québec, Canada’s spy agency quietly put together a “preliminary assessment” of the threat far-right extremists pose in Canada. The report, heavily censored and stamped “SECRET,” noted right-wing extremism and violence is nothing new in Canada — in fact, it was present in the […]

Right-wing extremism not welcome in Canadian Armed Forces — but ‘clearly, it’s in here,’ says top soldier

Oct 8 2018 — Alex Boutilier — Canada’s top soldier frankly acknowledges there are members within the Canadian Armed Forces who harbour right-wing extremist and white supremacist beliefs. It’s obvious Gen. Jonathan Vance has given the issue much thought. “Clearly it’s in here,” Vance told the Star. Over a 40-minute interview at National Defence Headquarters, Vance repeatedly stressed that nobody holding extremist […]

Liberals won’t put political parties under privacy laws in wake of Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal

Sep 20 2018 — Alex Boutilier — The Liberal government will not impose privacy rules or oversight on federal political parties, rejecting a key recommendation from an all-party committee in the wake of the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal. The decision means federal political parties can continue to collect, store and use the personal information of Canadian citizens without limitations, laws or independent oversight.

Grassroots Conservatives at policy convention target carbon tax, irregular migrants

Aug 25 2018 — Alex Boutilier — A Conservative government should get out of climate change policy, crack down on irregular migration, and exclude funding for abortion in foreign aid for maternal and newborn health, the party’s grassroots members say. Conservative partisans wrapped up a three-day policy convention in Halifax on Saturday. While there’s no requirement for Leader Andrew Scheer to adopt […]

Conservatives hope for Atlantic rebound at Halifax convention

Aug 24 2018 — Alex Boutilier — Election night 2015 provided a rare sight on Canada’s political map: an entire region, down to the last riding, painted red. From the eastern tip of Newfoundland to the Quebec border, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals began the night with 32 of 32 seats — a good head start on their way to a historic […]

Policy convention gives Andrew Scheer a chance to change the channel

Aug 20 2018 — Alex Boutilier — For the rookie political leader, it’s a chance to set the tone for his campaign to unseat Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government — and to pivot away from a week of former rival Maxime Bernier’s musings on the dangers of multiculturalism and “political correctness.” Last week, Scheer was forced to respond to a Bernier […]

Do ‘parody’ Twitter accounts pose real political threats?

Jun 26 2018 — Alex Boutilier — “Who writes your tweets Minister? How do you find someone this incompetent (aka stupid)???” That’s how businessman and former Dragon’s Den personality W. Brett Wilson began a Twitter broadside on federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna Monday. Wilson has frequently made his displeasure with the current Liberal government known to his 178,000 Twitter followers. But what […]

Facing possible expulsion from the U.S., many former DREAMers could qualify to come to Canada, Trudeau told

Jun 21 2018 — Alex Boutilier — The cohort of young immigrants was protected under the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which the Trump administration announced they will phase out. They now remain in legal limbo, as court challenges against their deportation proceed and the U.S. Congress remains unable to craft a legislative solution. “While some DACA recipients may […]