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Canada ‘not ready’ for growing national security threats, former officials warn

May 24 2022 — Alex Boutilier — The Canadian government is not ready to handle an increasingly dangerous national security environment, a report by former senior national security officials warn. It’s the latest in a series of increasingly vocal warnings that Ottawa’s national security framework is not prepared to deal with the challenges of modern security threats, including economic espionage, foreign interference […]

Conservative leadership hopefuls debate future of party, trade Netflix suggestions

May 12 2022 — Alex Boutilier — The six candidates for the Conservative leadership squared off in Edmonton Wednesday night in a debate that showcased their differing visions for the future of the party, and also what they’re currently watching on Netflix. After a fractious unofficial debate in Ottawa last week, the Conservative party used the leadership contest’s single English-language debate to […]

Extremists saw 2021 federal election as an ‘opportunity’ to plan violence: CSIS

May 6 2022 — Alex Boutilier — Extremist actors viewed the 2021 federal election as an “opportunity” to plan “acts of violence,” Canada’s domestic intelligence service said Friday. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service revealed that it briefed government agencies on threats to the federal election, including “ideologically” motivated “actors who viewed the election as an opportunity to discourage Canadians from democratic participation […]

Joel Etienne demands appeal to disqualification from Conservative leadership

May 4 2022 — Alex Boutilier — Joel Etienne is demanding an appeal to the Conservative party’s decision to disqualify him from the leadership race, saying the party accepted the money he raised but left him off the ballot. In a nine-page letter obtained by Global News, Etienne’s campaign accused Conservative party brass of “disenfranchising” the party members who supported his campaign, […]

Do Conservatives want to be in politics or government? Party stalwarts sound off on leadership

Apr 24 2022 — Alex Boutilier — The next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada needs a vision to take the party — and the country — forward through turbulent economic and geopolitical times, according to two conservative stalwarts. Speaking to West Block guest host David Akin, former Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall said whoever ends up the next Conservative leader needs […]

Liberals’ plan for new financial crimes agency raises questions about RCMP role

Apr 8 2022 — Alex Boutilier — The Liberals’ proposal to set up a new law enforcement body to tackle financial crime is raising questions about the RCMP’s role in investigating money laundering and organized crime. Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland’s 2022 budget, released Thursday, included a passing mention of plans to set up a Canada Financial Crimes Agency. The new law enforcement […]

Cyber defence agency gets significant boost in Liberals’ Budget 2022

Apr 7 2022 — Alex Boutilier — Canada’s cyber security agency and government efforts to curb state-backed misinformation are poised to receive an influx of cash as part of the Liberals’ 2022 budget. The spending program laid out plans to significantly boost spending at the Communications Security Establishment – Canada’s cyber security and espionage agency – while also spending millions on combatting […]

Conservatives clamp down on governing body’s dealings with reporters, social media posts

Apr 4 2022 — Alex Boutilier — The Conservative party is moving to restrict their national councilors’ interactions with reporters and posts on social media after a high-profile permanent suspension of one of their members. But party president Rob Batherson said the new policy pre-dated former national councilor Bert Chen’s departure from the board, and is not meant as a veto over […]

Committee examining Liberals’ emergency powers debates scope of inquiry

Mar 24 2022 — Alex Boutilier — The Parliamentary committee tasked with reviewing the emergency powers used to address last month’s convoy protests is divided on the scope of their study. The Special Joint Committee on the Declaration of Emergency is scheduled to hold its second meeting Thursday evening, and sources with knowledge of the deliberations tell Global News the biggest sticking […]