National Newswatch

Whoever wins the Ontario election doesn’t deserve it

Jun 7 2018 — Andrew Coyne — This election was said from the outset to be the Ontario Conservatives’ to lose, and let the record show they did their level best to lose it. No matter how it turns out, no one can take that away from them. To give up a 17-point lead in a four-week campaign takes discipline and hard […]

Why not ask a simple question, B.C.?

Jun 4 2018 — Andrew Coyne — The good news about British Columbia’s pending referendum on electoral reform is, first, that it is happening, and second, that the provincial government does not actually seem to want to kill it. That alone would set it apart from previous such exercises, whether in B.C. in 2005 and 2009, or Ontario in 2007, or P.E.I. […]

A trade war Canada will lose to its larger, louder counterpart

Jun 2 2018 — Andrew Coyne — Presumably Donald Trump was warned of the furious response he could expect from the United States’ trading partners were he to proceed with his threatened tariffs on their exports of aluminum and steel. He went ahead and did so anyway. This is one problem with trade wars: they seek to achieve in retrospect what they […]

Liberals took only possible route out of mess they created

May 30 2018 — Andrew Coyne — It was always clear the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion would be an important test of the Trudeau government. It now looks as if it may well decide its fate. The latest federal strategy — nationalization if necessary, but not necessarily nationalization — will at least put to rest the notion, common in conservative circles, that […]

It’s that time again, when Conservatives say anything to woo Quebecers

May 16 2018 — Andrew Coyne — Certain things recur eternally, in time with the rhythm of the seasons. Flowers bloom in spring. The swallows return to Capistrano. And the federal Conservatives prostitute themselves for the Quebec-nationalist vote. Well, that’s a bit strong. Prostitutes, after all, expect to be paid. Whereas the Conservatives’ periodic efforts to sell themselves, their principles and their […]

The question is not whether Canada can compete, but how

May 14 2018 — Andrew Coyne — Once again, as it does every so often, corporate Canada is fretting about its “competitiveness,” or lack thereof. “Canadian competitiveness raises CEOs’ ire,” ran the headline in Friday’s Financial Post. “Canada faces a competitiveness challenge that the nation must address with ‘tremendous urgency’,” moaned Royal Bank CEO David McKay in another story. Magna CEO Don […]

Bill to ‘overhaul’ Canada’s election law falls short of Liberals’ hype

May 5 2018 — Andrew Coyne — With its customary hyperbolic self-flattery, the Liberal government describes its latest creation, the Elections Modernization Act (Bill C-76), as a “generational overhaul” of Canada’s election law. According to the Democratic Institutions Minister, Karina Gould (on maternity leave but nevertheless available to be quoted), the bill addresses “the threats and challenges we face in the 21st […]