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Want better election debates? Have more of them – which means cutting the networks out of them

May 14 2022 — Andrew Coyne — As we digest the latest in the long-running series of televisual farces known as election debates – sad trombones, anyone? – the thought inevitably arises: Why are we so terrible at organizing debates in this country? Other countries seem capable of mounting televised debates that are halfway dignified, vaguely informative, marginally interesting – or at […]

Pierre Poilievre’s baseless campaign to ‘restore’ the Bank of Canada’s independence is in fact an assault on it

May 6 2022 — Andrew Coyne — A frisson of anticipation ran through the online journalistic community the other day – over a press release, of all things. “Pierre Poilievre, candidate for Prime Minister,” it began, erroneously, “will make an announcement … on policies relating to the Bank of Canada.” The location – outside the bank’s front door – seemed significant. Surely […]

The good news is the Liberals have discovered our growth problem. The bad news is they don’t know what to do about it

Apr 9 2022 — Andrew Coyne — The Trudeau government plainly intends this budget to be taken as the moment it pivoted from “stimulus” to “investment,” or from boosting demand, the total amount of spending in the economy, to expanding supply – the economy’s ability to produce goods and services in response. In principle this is appropriate, indeed long overdue, and not […]

There may be method in Pierre Poilievre’s nastiness

Mar 16 2022 — Andrew Coyne — For most of his long career in politics – even at 42, he has been a politician nearly half his life – Pierre Poilievre has been on offence: as the prime minister’s personal attack dog while in government, as a front-bench critic in opposition. Now, as the front-runner in the race for Conservative leader, he […]

Should we call Putin’s bluff? We already have

Mar 9 2022 — Andrew Coyne — As the slaughter in Ukraine continues, the calls have grown for the West to do something to stop it – specifically, to exclude Russian aircraft from the skies over Ukraine, creating, as it is called, “a no-fly zone.” The latest and most remarkable of these is an open letter from a list of American defence […]