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That Liberal-NDP deal in full: the NDP agree not to do what they weren’t going to do anyway

Nov 10 2021 — Andrew Coyne — The Liberals and the NDP are coming together; the Conservatives are coming apart. While negotiations continue on some sort of pact between the two main progressive parties, the Conservatives are consumed by internal divisions – among other things, over vaccine mandates. A nascent leadership revolt, in the form of a “civil liberties” caucus devoted to […]

The Tories have blown their shot on the vaccine question

Oct 27 2021 — Andrew Coyne — Question: does the Conservative Party of Canada have a death wish? I don’t mean literally, though in some of the harder cases one sometimes wonders. But the party’s stance on vaccine mandates is so muddled, so self-defeating, it has to be asked. No one knows how many members of the Conservative caucus have yet to […]

The fatal flaw in the Alberta sovereignty fantasy: people want to live in a law-based state

Oct 1 2021 — Andrew Coyne — Unlike Quebec, Alberta has some genuine grievances. The “night of the long knives,” pretext for decades of national handwringing over the constitution, was always a fraud – a laboured, if largely successful, attempt to turn René Lévesque’s botched negotiating strategy on patriation into a humiliation for Quebec, though the province emerged from it with a […]

A battle between fear and loathing that both sides lost

Sep 21 2021 — Andrew Coyne — The basic themes of this election campaign were set on the first day. For the Conservatives, it was about the early election call. For the Liberals, it was about vaccine mandates. It didn’t get a lot deeper over the ensuing 36 days. Of course, these were only proxies, entry points for what each party really […]

Trudeau finds the victimhood that the Liberal campaign needs

Sep 2 2021 — Andrew Coyne — The moment every politician lives for is to be the object of an unfair personal attack. If possible, it should be vicious; ideally, it will involve his family. The performance that follows is to a script dictated by decades of tradition. The politician meets the assembled press, the picture of dignity and resolve. “Say what […]