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It’s the election laws at fault, not Elections Canada

Aug 21 2019 — Andrew Coyne — To listen to the squawking, you’d have thought Elections Canada had cancelled the election. Or at least forbidden environmental groups to participate in it. Or at least told them they could not advise the public of the threat posed by climate change — for many of them, their raison d’être. Or at least — you […]

The deception in the SNC affair is the most troubling aspect of all

Aug 16 2019 — Andrew Coyne — It is the element of deception that raises the conduct described in the ethics commissioner’s report from the merely unlawful to the potentially criminal. Until now what we had thought we were dealing with was only a sustained and mounting campaign, by the prime minister and by those acting at his direction, to pressure the […]

Evidence grows that the Harper gang had nothing on this Liberal bunch

Jul 26 2019 — Andrew Coyne — Supposedly, the Liberals have put the SNC-Lavalin scandal behind them: the polls have rebounded, the media have moved on, while the company has worse problems to deal with than a mere hair-raising multi-million-dollar corruption charge. Even the return of Gerry Butts, the prime minister’s former principal secretary, albeit in a part-time, temporary, what-are-friends-for capacity as […]

Why you shouldn’t expect to see populism take root in Canada

Jul 25 2019 — Andrew Coyne — Can it happen here? Since the Brexit referendum and the election of Donald Trump, speculation has abounded over whether a similar sort of authoritarian populism — averse to change, suspicious of elites, intolerant of minorities, fearful of immigrants, hostile to trade and to multilateralism — might be about to upend Canadian politics.

McCallum is enlisting China’s aid in re-electing the Liberals — and coaching them how to do it

Jul 11 2019 — Andrew Coyne — Is it possible to reappoint John McCallum as ambassador to China just so he can be fired again? The politician turned diplomat turned neither, whose unfiltered musings on Sino-Canadian relations were his undoing earlier this year, has done it again. In a jaw-dropping interview with the South China Morning Post, McCallum volunteers that he has […]

Beware gurus with plans to reinvent conservatism

Jul 4 2019 — Andrew Coyne — There can be little doubt that conservatism is in crisis. Largely brain-dead for years, the movement has lately seemed positively deranged, especially in the United States, of which Donald Trump’s election was both cause and effect. So it is good to see conservative thinkers on both sides of the border attempting a rethink: resisting the […]

Want to help free the two Canadians in China? Stop talking about a deal

Jun 28 2019 — Andrew Coyne — It has been more than six months since Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor were kidnapped by the Chinese government. Not “arrested,” with its connotations of law, due process and evidence, but kidnapped. The two remain hostages, bargaining chips in the regime’s ferocious campaign to bully Canada into releasing Meng Wanzhou, a senior executive at Huawei […]