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Better debates would bring better elections — so can the Liberals, for once, get reform right?

Nov 29 2017 — Andrew Coyne — Having botched and abandoned electoral reform, having botched and been forced to abandon much of parliamentary reform, can the Liberals at least get reform of the leaders’ debates right? Like the others, this was part of the Grits’ election platform in 2015: “We will establish an independent commission to organize leaders’ debates.” A parliamentary committee […]

With their vapid new platform, it’s ‘Back to Mush’ for Ontario PCs

Nov 28 2017 — Andrew Coyne — Over four provincial elections and three leaders, the Ontario Progressive Conservatives have vacillated between mush (Ernie Eves), mush with indigestible lumps (John Tory), hard-faced mush (Tim Hudak) and in the last attempt, something approaching conservatism, only without the math: narrowly leading at mid-campaign, Hudak threw it away with a mix of implausible happy-talk (the “million […]

On equalization, Jason Kenney is fighting the right fight in the worst way

Nov 10 2017 — Andrew Coyne — Let’s begin with the standard disclaimer: the government of Alberta does not “pay into” equalization, nor does it transfer income to other provincial governments. Equalization is not a revenue-sharing agreement among the provinces, but a federal program: the payments to poorer provinces, intended to ensure they can offer services that are “reasonably comparable” with those […]

Jason Kenney reflects a mood of serious alienation in Alberta

Nov 1 2017 — Andrew Coyne — Hardly had Jason Kenney won the leadership of Alberta’s United Conservative Party before the commentariat had moved on. Yes, yes, yes, in order to achieve this feat he first had to win the leadership of the province’s Progressive Conservative party, then fight and win a referendum on merging the PCs and the Wildrose Party, then […]