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Has the Trudeau government been as derelict on India’s interference as it has been on China’s?

Sep 22 2023 — Andrew Coyne — The tendency of our current politics to view absolutely everything through the lens of partisanship has rarely been on better display than in the aftermath of the Prime Minister’s dramatic announcement in Parliament Monday: that Canadian intelligence officials were pursuing “credible allegations” of Indian involvement in the assassination of a Canadian Sikh leader, Hardeep Singh […]

Did India assassinate a Canadian citizen?

Sep 20 2023 — Andrew Coyne — For the Indian government to kill an Indian citizen, without trial, in India would be a grievous wrong. To kill one of its citizens on foreign soil would be worse still: not just extra-judicial but extra-territorial. But to assassinate a Canadian citizen, in Canada, would take matters to a whole new level. It is the […]

Home truths about Canada’s housing mess

Sep 15 2023 — Andrew Coyne — By the time you read this the federal government will have unveiled its latest suite of policies designed to address the crisis in the Canadian housing market, or at least the crisis in Liberal polling. Whether these are likely to be any more effective than the policies it has introduced to date we shall see. […]

The bottom has suddenly fallen out of Liberal support. Why?

Sep 8 2023 — Andrew Coyne — A wise old pollster once put it to me this way: “When people have decided to get rid of a government,” he said, “it doesn’t matter who the other guys are.” Somewhere along the way this summer, large numbers of Canadians appear to have suddenly decided they want to get rid of this government. The […]

The Bank of Canada might not want to admit it, but getting inflation down to 2 per cent could be easier than expected

Jul 21 2023 — Andrew Coyne — This week’s inflation numbers could hardly have been more encouraging. The headline 12-month rate fell to 2.8 per cent in June: lower than expected, and within the Bank of Canada’s 1- to 3-per-cent “control range” for the first time since March, 2021. This was not just a statistical artifact, a reflection of year-ago price increases […]

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