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Divide and conquer? In Canadian politics, it seems maybe not

Feb 19 2018 — Andrew Coyne — “The time for timid is over,” NDP leader Jagmeet Singh told his party over the weekend. The message was plainly intended to reassure those who felt the party had lost its way in the last election. Indeed, the convention was widely seen as a return to militancy for the party. Though it avoided extremities such […]

Well, there’s $950 million we didn’t need to spend

Feb 16 2018 — Andrew Coyne — If you were to leave $950 million at the corner of Bloor and Yonge in downtown Toronto — in packets of twenties, it would create a pile roughly 1.45 metres square by 2.6 metres high — I can guarantee you the result would be a substantial boost to economic activity. People in the area would […]

A carbon tax is coming, no matter what Ontario PC candidates say

Feb 12 2018 — Andrew Coyne — Here’s a sampling of headlines from the early days of the Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership race. “Carbon tax in crosshairs of Ontario PC leadership contenders.” “Platform in limbo as candidates rethink carbon tax.” “Scrapping carbon tax would blow $4 billion hole in Ontario PC budget.” “By ditching carbon-tax plans, Ontario’s Tories become the Stupid Party […]

Donald Trump’s State of the Union victory is our failure

Feb 1 2018 — Andrew Coyne — It was long, it was slow, it was dull, it was overwrought. It had all of the syrupy touches with which every president since Reagan has filled their State of the Union addresses: the salutes to unsung heroes “here with us tonight” — fully a quarter of the speech was taken up with lengthy homages […]

Let those who know best pick a party leader — that’s the caucus, not ‘the membership’

Jan 29 2018 — Andrew Coyne — Take heart, Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario supporters. Yes, your leader has been forced out for allegedly making unwanted sexual advances on drunken teenagers. Yes, your president followed him out the door just as it was about to be reported he had been accused of sexually assaulting a party staffer. Yes, your divided, demoralized, decapitated […]