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Give flawed Conservative platform its due — it is the closest to fiscal conservatism

Oct 12 2019 — Andrew Coyne — First, some comparisons, for perspective. The Liberal platform promises roughly $30 billion in net new spending over the next four years, and $94 billion in borrowing, $32 billion more than projected in the Parliamentary Budget Office’s “baseline.” The NDP, which released its platform costing Friday, would increase both spending and taxes by $130 billion over […]

You can’t be leader of one country and pledge allegiance to another

Oct 4 2019 — Andrew Coyne — If hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue, virtue must be feeling awfully flattered of late. Hardly had we digested the news that Justin Trudeau, for all his attempts to tar opponents as racially insensitive troglodytes — certainly next to his own exquisitely sensitive self — had made something of a hobby of dressing […]

In a nothing election, it all comes down to Ontario

Oct 3 2019 — Andrew Coyne — Halfway through, the takeaway from this campaign, if the polls are any guide, is: nothing. Nothing has changed. Nothing is working. No one’s support has moved, much, up or down. For all the media hyperventilating about this or that poll — Tories up a point! Libs rebound by two! The Bloc is on the march!— […]

Bad policy versus no policy — the real difference between Conservatives and Liberals

Sep 25 2019 — Andrew Coyne — Two weeks into the campaign, the differences between the two major parties’ platforms are starting to emerge. In brief, the Conservatives’ promises are specific, costed and mostly stupid, while the Liberals’ are vague, uncosted and mostly meaningless. Where the Tories seem intent on bribing voters, one absurdly microtargeted tax credit after another, the Grits prefer […]

With taxes, progressivity comes at a cost

Sep 24 2019 — Andrew Coyne — Once upon a time there were two political parties, the Liberals and the Conservatives, who had a Fundamental Philosophical Disagreement over something called universality: the notion that social benefits should be equally available to all, regardless of income. At the time, back in the 1980s, Liberals supported universality and Conservatives opposed it. The government of […]

Is Justin Trudeau a racist? No. He is a sanctimonious fraud

Sep 20 2019 — Andrew Coyne — By now it should be clear there is something wrong with Justin Trudeau. We are not unfamiliar with the public figure who, at some point in his past, did something remarkably stupid or offensive like black up his face for a party. We have no experience with a leader, a prime minister no less, who […]

How do you tell a Conservative from a Liberal? Ask an economist

Sep 19 2019 — Andrew Coyne — I believe I was the first to propose the creation of an Economists Party, a political movement that would advocate for the sorts of policies favoured by people who study economics for a living, based on the principles at its core. It could not happen, of course, any more than the existing parties are likely […]

The question of what is Trudeau hiding is not going to go away

Sep 11 2019 — Andrew Coyne — Another campaign begun in the shadow of scandal. The first weeks of the 2015 election campaign were dominated by the trial of Sen. Mike Duffy, at much subsequent cost to Stephen Harper’s re-election chances. Whether or not the latest revelations in the SNC-Lavalin affair prove to be as consequential to the current campaign, the implications […]