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Want more civility in Parliament? Give MPs meaningful work

Sep 23 2022 — Andrew Coyne — In the days before Parliament’s return, the press was filled with reporting and analysis with a distinct wrestling-announcer vibe to it. “A fall brawl looming in Parliament,” one headline leered. “It’s about to get louder,” announced another. The first day headlines continued the trend: “Liberals and NDP waste no time in attacking Poilievre.” On the […]

Private health care? Depends what you mean

Aug 27 2022 — Andrew Coyne — With hospital emergency rooms overflowing this summer, the latest distress signal from a health care system that was already in crisis, the air is thick with dire warnings of the imminent “privatization” of Canadian health care. Not that anyone has actually proposed such a thing, you understand. Indeed, it’s hard to grasp what it even […]

Alberta is on the verge of the constitutional abyss

Aug 17 2022 — Andrew Coyne — The race for the leadership of the United Conservative Party of Alberta reached an important milestone last week with the passing of the deadline for new members to join. Members will start mailing in their ballots Sept. 2, with the results to be announced Oct. 6 – just seven weeks from now. Which means we […]

The Prime Minister is credibly accused of interfering in a criminal matter for political purposes? You don’t say!

Jun 30 2022 — Andrew Coyne — What to think? Whom to believe? Did Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and former minister of public safety Bill Blair pressure the commissioner of the RCMP to interfere, for political purposes, in the force’s investigation of the worst mass murder in Canadian history? Did the commissioner in fact interfere? You be the judge. On the one […]