National Newswatch

Don’t bet on carbon tax deciding the next election

Nov 14 2018 — Andrew Coyne — Are Conservatives right to think the next federal election will be a referendum on carbon pricing? And are they likely to win if it is? There they all are on that now-notorious Maclean’s cover: the premiers of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, together with the Conservative leader and presumptive next premier of Alberta and the federal […]

Election warning signs ominous for Trump in the long term

Nov 8 2018 — Andrew Coyne — In a just world, in a country that still remembered what justice looked like, Americans would have seized the opportunity of the midterm elections to rise up against a president, and the party that sustains him, that have violated every norm, debased every standard, inflamed every prejudice, and corrupted (or attempted to) every institution of […]

Political parties — not Statistics Canada — are the real bad guys of privacy invasion

Nov 5 2018 — Andrew Coyne — For the past week, question period has been dominated by accusations from Conservative MPs that a government agency has been spying on Canadians — improperly gathering sensitive personal information, it is suggested, on behalf of the ruling party. That shadowy cabal? You guessed it: Statistics Canada. The Conservatives have invested much effort in recent years […]

Why the Liberals’ single-minded obsession on free trade with China?

Oct 17 2018 — Andrew Coyne — Never mind whether we can strike a free trade deal with China: should we? Ever since the text of the renegotiated NAFTA was released, attention has focused on its notorious Article 32.10, and whether it precludes Canada from entering into a free trade agreement with an unnamed “non-market country.” Critics claim Canada has been pressed […]