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Think recognizing the ‘Quebec nation’ is harmless? In fact, the implications for unity are profound

May 29 2021 — Andrew Coyne — What does Quebec want? That has been the question on earnest Canadians’ minds for the better part of four decades. After Wednesday’s session of the provincial legislature, we need speculate no further: What Quebec wants is a flag emoji. A Parti Québécois motion demanding the internet (specifically, the Silicon Valley-based Unicode Consortium, which decides such […]

Quebec’s anglophone minority is a target, once again – and no one is coming to the rescue

May 19 2021 — Andrew Coyne — In his last piece before retirement, the veteran Montreal Gazette columnist Don Macpherson warned his English-speaking readers they were on their own. Simply put, “we don’t count,” he told them. No political party, federal or provincial, is going to defend their rights. Not when they are outnumbered seven to one by the province’s French-speakers, and […]

The deeper roots of C-10, in the thickets of cultural nationalism

May 15 2021 — Andrew Coyne — How did it come to this? Leave aside, for the moment, the implications – for free speech, for Canada’s reputation, for net neutrality – of Bill C-10, the federal government’s misbegotten effort to catch the internet in the same regulatory web as that which has long enveloped the conventional broadcasting industry. Leave aside, too, the […]

On Jonathan Vance, the Liberals return to form

Apr 29 2021 — Andrew Coyne — “We take all allegations seriously” the Prime Minister’s press secretary assured Canadians yet again last week, in the matter of former chief of the defence staff Jonathan Vance. The statement came in response to mounting evidence that allegations of sexual misconduct by the nation’s highest-ranking military officer were not taken remotely seriously by anyone in […]