National Newswatch

Does demoting moderate Conservatives signal a right turn, or is it to punish O’Toole loyalists?

Mar 4 2022 — Adam Zivo — Interim Conservative Leader Candice Bergen announced a shuffle in her party’s shadow cabinet last week. Eric Duncan and Michelle Rempel Garner, two high-profile MPs known for their moderate views, were purged from their positions in what some could interpret as a swipe at the Conservatives’ centrist wing. Considering that many Canadians are concerned about whether […]

O’Toole’s divisive leadership style comes back to haunt him

Feb 1 2022 — Adam Zivo — Now his opponents are drawing knives from their tunics to no one’s surprise. Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole tried to be everything to everyone and in the process turned off a lot of conservatives. Now his caucus is revolting against him, with 35 MPs having signed a letter that will trigger a leadership review vote on […]

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